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Whats the joytec hub????

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Haha ill say red to mach the twisted pedal cap

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iv got a halflink now i needed it due to my 10mm long dropouts(take a link out its WAY to tight ad a link its way to loose) but befor that i just used the hell cheap $8 malvenstar chains they work fine just as good as any other chain and there cheap ... more »

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i use petrol to clean my chain its a purple halflink and it doesnt effect the paint at all and getts all black crap off really easy just make sure you lube it up after or it will sease caus the petrol get rid of all lube and grease and crap!!

Added a comment about video Derek Dorame 7/4/2008 10:32 PM

Nice man Awesome style exactly like my mates love all the whips and baries Also <3 tegan & sara

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kinks are dardy as!!! get one!!!

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all my mate pull tha piss outta me for being CHUBBY! but i make all them piss at riding FATTIES 4 LIFE

StolenRida left a comment 6/8/2008 4:59 AM

oh yer wered u see me down the train station i bet lol

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haha yeew i seen you the otherday me and my mum stopped in donny. you and about 35000000 little kids rode past haha i was gonna yell out at yas but thought nah i might get mobbed haha!!!!

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iv owned 3 pairs of orchids in the last year or so and there alright but nothing special im getting 6.0s in a few days EVERY one loves them so they must be pretty AWESOME!!!

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iv been riding for two years i think im an alright rider but i cant ever ride when theres a few people around just get to nervous and when i do try and ride i always end up crashing bad haha its just a way of life

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G-sport PLegs i dont use pegs but my mate has plegs there superlight and really smooth to use you can grind anything there fairly cheap only downsied is they wear down quick if your into thrashing them but you can pick up some spare sleves for half the ... more »

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iv got sunday forks they are awsome had some stacks that would snap other forks the sundays wernt slightly bent.haha only problem i had with mine was fully stripping topcap but thats nothing to do with the forks and can hardly be damaged from street ... more »

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5/28/2008 8:03 PM

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im doing a carpentry pre app its pretty awsome im loving it haha

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um im a apprentice plasterer so i gotta got to tafe. what r u doin at tafe

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nice music taste yeeeeeeew

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sja_ridebmx left a comment 5/26/2008 6:20 AM

fuk yea. theres heaps of good street up here. theres so much riders its not funny. lol. just tell me wen your cumin up and well go street and park and shit. the parks pretty shit but it gets the job done.