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There nothing I don't like about my bike, it does the job. I've got used to is of sorts. Though I'm aware that the rear triangle is off centre, so always aware when doing good sized table tops about how hard I land. Don't like the weight as is a killer ... more »

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Nothing wrong with thinking about something, especially when spending money. Am I over thinking it, probably, though as I know how to do this, why not? In agreement about tires, personally I'm thinking about swapping my Federals to KHE mac 2+ to help

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Yes you could say I'm over thinking this, however there is a point to my exercise which I am sure some of you may appreciate. Not having the luxury of being able to try various frames, this seem the only logical solution I could formulate before spending ... more »

New thread BMX Geometry technical questions... 10/30/2021 1:19 PM

Long story short. I'm 40, live in the middle of nowhere and thinking about upgrading my frame. I understand all the concepts about the various length, IE a short chainstay 12.5" for example make aerial tricks more snappy compared with 13.5" ... more »

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Got some new wheels - Nasa rims, with Profile elite front hub and BSD revolution rear.

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je suis anglais et vis en france - 29

New thread HELP AN "OLD GIT" trying to 360??? 8/25/2021 12:57 PM

First off, I'm 40 and just got a BMX 8 weeks ago (haven't ridding in 25years!). I can 180 on the flat, bunnyhop 50cm, fakie of sorts, etc. I'm having a nightmare with 360s off a quarter pipe, I can 180 no problems. The issues which I'm having - A) When

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