chad.c left a comment 9/6/2010 11:16 PM

hi I am moving to GV pretty soon so I want to get connected with the local scene before I get there.

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hey dude whats up with all the advertisements for nike and all the crap on the forum sites. Not too worried about it its just annoying looking through it. This website thingy is sick im stoked on it. AIR FIVE!!

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buy it from a bike shop they can get it. Stop online buying, support your local shop no matter where you live.

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hey dude you got a good idea going whenever im injured it would be nice to play a tight ass video game like that. Im down to sign something if its for BMX why not anything that helps the sport grow help it progress

Added a comment about video Michael Cleveland, Dennis Enarson, and More 8/11/2007 6:34 AM

sick video props for dennis and mike i was diggin the 540 to half cab by vince that was bad

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Mailorder is getting pretty big now and i was just wondering why more people dont support their local bike shop

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the aitken frame is fine and is strong enough for anything. I have one and ive hit rails on the downtube many time no dents at all. If your a weight weiney go with the aitken but the s&m l.a.f. is sick too so i guess if you like short rear end then ... more »

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I have a used pair of wombolts RHD 175mm with new left arm and wedge bolt cluster im thinking $100 send me a reasonable offer and we will talk. Also i have a 28t crowgora pretty mashed but still works if you want it with the crank $10 otherwise $15 or

... more »

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Added a comment about video Mike Ishizuka Video 7/24/2007 6:39 PM

hey i will admit the kid kills it riding bikes but if you know what the T hand is then you would agree so you guys fuck off

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Added a comment about video Mike Ishizuka Video 7/21/2007 9:51 AM

Mike Ishizuka is gay and anybody who throws up the thizz hand gesture is gay as well

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Half Link chains are nice I used to be a firm believer but anyone ive known including me has had constant problems. They seems to not be able to withstand as much abuse as a normal one and a kmc z chain is like $15 and the hald link is close to $30 so ... more »

Added a comment about video Hollywood Skatepark Grand Opening 5/23/2007 9:17 AM

Park looks sick, vid not so sick(no offense to TJ)

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I've been waiting for that hub too and i think its coming out early june, ive been checkin our distros and they aren't in yet

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Gay, Gay, Gay no just kiddin i just think its funny that people ride MOUNTAIN bikes on street copying bmx but whatever to each his own.

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definately go odyssey. their customer service rocks with getting replacement parts. Also, everything aftermarket works with odyssey

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The new Ride is sick. I like how they displayed alot of the components. Cover pic is dope too, blacksmith is a crazy fellar.

Added reply in a thread how to make your hub louder??? 4/28/2007 10:00 AM

i have an odyssey cassette hub and i figured out a good way to make it louder. There is a red rubber seal when you take off the driver and if you just take that out it sounds more metallic i guess. Its sick try it out if you can do it with yours.

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Hey i live in grass valley and im looking to get something going here to get bikes legalized in the park or our own park and i was wondering if anybody is interested. I've got this good idea to do it and im wondering if people would be willing to come ... more »

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dude if you live in sac you need to check out the power inn park. i guess they are letting bikers in there so its one to go to. I went there about a month ago and it was filled with bmx so check it

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Hands down best freecoaster rider is Paul Osika. He is nuckin futs man. He rides flat now, but in the early 90's he was doing stuff that you guys think ian schwartz and karl poynter are inventing now. Not saying they arent cool those guys are ape but ... more »