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yep definately a retard dont spend much time on this shit whateva though

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I have the S3 and my buddy has the Metal so ive ridden both. I personally like the feel of the S3 and its a little lighter but the lightning bolt in the dropouts of the RC sick too

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hey dude just got the new Road Fools 15, you fuckin rip. Props on the skills, steez mcgeez

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brakeless is sick i dont think i will ever ride brakes except for riding trails, that is some gnarly stuff without brakes.

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the shadow chain might seem like a cool idea, but half-link is the stupidest idea ive seen. I rode the shadow chain and the kmc pintle half-link for almost 2 years, nothing but problems. Since i changed over to regular full link and dialed my back wheel ... more »

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Hands down \, 28:12 is the best gear ever. It's light enough to get some good acceleration in tight spots and it can also crank out pretty well. I also like how people always tell me i must be crazy to run a small chainwheel good stuff

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Dropping Dirt is fucking retarded. Every BMX rider has rode dirt jumps at least once and its pretty much the beggining of skateparks if you think of it. Being that it's the X games isnt a suprise to me though, they are so commercial and they are trying

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yeah im trying those to you just have to bunnyhop and commit if you dont you wont spin, after that the opposite rollout is going to be hard.

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I was wondering if anyone has a nankai freecoaster hub that they would like to sell to me, or if you know of a good website where i can get used stuff like that, it would be appreciated. Also if anyone is interested in buying a t-shirt from my company ... more »

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Favorite 3 rider would have to be Edwin Delerosa, Nigel Sylvester, and Chase Hawk. Edwin and Nigel have the brakeless gangsta style while Chase holds it down for the brakeless girl pants. The tighter the better right?? haha

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Hey crandall whats up with the Cameron Wood frame I saw on the quality website it looks pretty sick. Do you have any specs on it or anything.

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Hey u close to Grass Valley, CA

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i live in livermore, its between tracy and dublin.. i think i south of you, not sure tho.

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Flow Footwear that would be sick cause if you going with the simple attitude its kinda like the shoe flows smoothly so its simple to look at and with the street aspect in mind if you ride street you have to be flow