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chad.c 9/6/2010 11:16 PM

hi I am moving to GV pretty soon so I want to get connected with the local scene before I get there.

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volumebikes43 1/8/2007 3:03 AM

i live in livermore, its between tracy and dublin.. i think i south of you, not sure tho.

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ChadKagy 12/22/2006 3:05 AM

Let me know what I can do, I've tried in the past when I lived in CA but it didn't work. We're trying to get more organized now and have a stronger more united voice in freestyle to push for things like access to all public parks but it just takes time. Let me know what's going on.

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BKachinsky 12/19/2006 1:11 PM

ya man, totally interested. I'm not sure what I can do but I can try my best. Email me more details...thanks!

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Aaron 12/6/2006 9:18 AM

thanks man.

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louis 11/21/2006 6:29 AM

yea i can bar spin and and jump pretty far but i am tryin some new things

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