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im 14 so pretty limited here.... tire touch x-up stall bada** whips

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im traveling this summer so im wondering where the best places to ride would be? im traveling from sheridan wyoming through denver colarado, to salt lake city and then winnemucca nevada. amy specifics guys?

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seen ur post in the introduce yourself. u dont need a diff inner tube. the one you have will expand and fit fine. i switched over to a premium 2.35 with my old tube from a 2.10 tire

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Another Kris haha. im 13 almost 14 . ive been riding bmx now for about 3 years. im not very good but then again ive only lived in small towns where theres not much. i just got a new bike. its a 2012 haro 200.3 and i want to put a fatty tire on the front ... more ยป

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If i buy a fatty tire for the front do i need a new tube with it?

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