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Check THIS link for a helpful guid to setting up a gyro.

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YES x 4!

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They're just OK for me. I think Bliss N Eso are way better, but that's just MHO.

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This! I'm so over those trend whores I could punch babies

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How much you want for the frame shipped and do you have the OG decals?

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Looks fucking noice bro! I checked my opus rear hub and the chain isn't that close to the hub... did you change the axle at all when you got the wheel?

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I totally thought about getting that frame and doing almost the exact same color scheme for a build! Looks sic mang. Red rims with white walls looks fucking killer!

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at some point S&M was in the same boat (being new and not having a rep). Think about it, if somebody doesn't take a chance and just try something new, then we wouldn't have companies like S&M or Guerra. I say if you like the geo of the Guerra, ... more »

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I'm not a big fan of hilltop hoodies at all though. They don't come close to the chill vibe of B N E

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Bliss N Eso is amazing, I've been listening to them for several months now. SUPER addictive... like crack additctive, LOL. Here's a good vid of theirs...

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that is fucking sic, and I want one! But I'm old, so yeah.... reminds me of a Hutch trickstar my buddy had. I was always so jealous of his bike, haha

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just an observation here, but Phocraken seems to be involved with a lot of sketchy deals.

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Park geo usually = steep headtube, low BB height, and short rear end. Definitely just tap your headtube for the tabs.... Here's a "how to"

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so still no top cable fix?

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Any luck with the set up yet? Just curious now, lol

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Well THAT shut him up! LMAO

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and you can't get rid of that slack by adjusting the barrel adjusters on the top gyro plate? I'd return the cable and order the Odyssey M2 lever either way. The lever itself is 10 times better and the cable design has a much cleaner look. Plus it's only ... more »

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The M2 cable is 400mm, the Large Snafu cable is 395mm... the XL Snafu cable is 430mm I'm running the M2 on almost the same bike (I have a different stem and forks). I'd say that the Large Snafu cable you have should work, but IDK without seeing it all

... more »