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Jst google then and u will find the codes u need

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always keep the pin in the the half link, if it falls out its a bitch.

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hahahahaha lmfao, hes going backwards dude.

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actually he is not cus it wasnt working for a while.

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TONY HAWK SKATES! So why is he even trying to make bikes in the first place?

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Mom Jokes how fucking old are you, 10? I would fucking pound you where you at, I'm gonna find out where you at anyways. hmmm, Sounds like hes the mature one here... hmmm Notttttttttttt who is he to call you a 10 yr old when hes the one acting like a ... more »

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If your from OH, then its deffinatly not.

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never mind but thnx anyway, they popped off and i greased the bearings up. I just wasnt sure at first if the spacers slide off.

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how do you take those black spacers off? i dont want to break it

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ahh the aitken p lytes are limited edition red walls, and my locol shop couldnt get them cause there out. So i had to get the duo's, but there still sick.

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Sick dude, Thnx!!!!!!!

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Hahahaha Noooooo! First of all my tires are red walls, if i change the front tire i would have a red wall in the back. LOL the would look so gay, second Chrome cranks are the bomb and they dont need to be painted. Plus you cant really paint chrome that ... more »

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haha its not that dude i know you were jooking, i just posted it with out thinking. Vital is full of trendy retards. If you bike has anything thats not trend then ppl hate. My bikes not trendy and i like it, so its all good!

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haha wow, this is why i never post shit on vital. Every ones always got something negative to say!

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haha your a retard huss, you cant be sarcastic! justridebmx one upped your theory. your right, its form not how hard you hit the ball. But if the ball is lighter and your clubs are lighter then you will hit the ball farther. so you cant be sarcastic ... more »

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realyl are all of you retarted. ITS NOT REAL, this kids just trying to make every one beleive its true. First the cop was on the line for more 10 minutse! if there was a real shooting do you really beleive the cops would take 10 minutse to get there??? ... more »

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is there a docter on this sitre who rides bmx???? any docter at all who can help this kid out through a forum???? Seriously dude, if you say its bad and its really bothering you dont ask kids on a forum if your ok. Go see a docter, who can really tell ... more »