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same, props to this lady and many more years of riding to her

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too many stickers in my opinion but its not a bad build

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damn hybrids are dope, your's is nice af my dude

Added reply in a thread Does anyone now how to get some extra Cash? 10/11/2017 6:41 AM

do odd jobs and help people, cut grass, walk dogs, wash cars, helping old people with things around the house is a decent way to make money.

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There's no local shop where I'm at the really supports bmx, most are road bikes and fixie shops so I buy most of my stuff through Empire or Ebay depending on what it is. The mall near my house used to have a nice bmx shop but that was years ago now its ... more »

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grumpy hit the nail on the head with this. avoid brands like mafia bikes and support a brand that does care about bmx and the scene.

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used zip ties to put grips on and for my front hub guards, I have the G-Sport plastic ones that use zip ties. using tape and putting velcro on your wishbone on the driver side works as a sound suppressor if you run your chain really loose, dont have ... more »

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got the Kali Odyessy helmet and love it, its certified and has protected my skull a few times.

Added reply in a thread Are Freecoasters worth it? 10/6/2017 6:07 AM

I rode all my life on a freecoaster since I started so I'm biased but anyway I do find them more fun and open the door for more tricks I believe. As for freecoasters not being reliable, I can tell you that isnt actually correct, maybe for the freecoasters ... more »

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nice buy, if you upgrade parts do the fork and front wheel last thing you'd want is your front end giving out on you.

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Got his monster a Haro F3 as my first bmx bike:

Was pretty fun to ride even if it weighed a ton.
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anything bmx related in Walmart...

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its different and looks good doing it, nice build

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damn thats sick Laird is the man

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I got a backpack in my car that I take with me when I ride my bike around the city. It has my tools: -allen keys -odyssey multi tool -extra pegs -tire tubes -socket extentions -needle nose pliers - random multi purpose tool with knifes and other things ... more »

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bike looks awesome and im sure it rides awesome, nothing to be upset about here

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ah yeah i think that was the dude, i also remember one dude from the skavenger/animal videos that was big and had barspins on lock

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^ the bsd looks amazing so im more towards that one