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Reply to First odyssey, now animal?? 4/23/2018 9:08 AM

holy shit what the fuck is that lol

Reply to Did I just make a NEW Trick? 4/6/2018 6:07 AM

damn been a while since ive seen seth kimbrough ride, he kills it

Reply to Hawg Pink Tallboy (pics on 2nd page) 4/3/2018 7:46 AM

damn son where'd you find this...... seriously though your ride is fucking sweet

Reply to Odyssey hot pink rims! 3/29/2018 8:06 AM

stoked to see odyssey still making wild colored parts

Reply to Very First BMX Build 3/29/2018 8:04 AM

oh that red is soooo nice

Reply to Callum Bibby kicked off Mafia 3/29/2018 8:03 AM

ha Mafia... funny stuff...

Reply to The Buggy 3/27/2018 5:49 AM

damn that mosh stem, haven't seen one of those in ages glad to see people still appreciate that brand

Reply to Ebony and Ivory - The Unexpected S&M Black Magic Build 3/20/2018 7:27 AM

this certainly isnt a color scheme you see everyday, looks really good man congrats on the build

Reply to New FBM Hardway Build! 3/19/2018 5:47 AM

holy fuck your bike is nice.....

Reply to What jeans do you ride in? 3/19/2018 5:46 AM

Levi's... yep

Reply to Smashed the shit out of my Odyssey keychain...For science! 3/16/2018 6:57 AM

LOL when he tells the chickens to be quiet

Reply to Convince parents to go brakeless 3/6/2018 5:46 AM

"everyone who isn't a fucking retard has the right to own a firearm" I feel like that is what should of been in it originally lol

Reply to Military 3/5/2018 7:51 AM

Congrats man, do our country proud and best of luck to you

Reply to Bad weather. 3/5/2018 7:45 AM

Come to Florida I'm sure you'll do just fine if you're willing to put up with all the shitty drivers and traffic.

Reply to Where do you draw the LINE? 3/5/2018 7:43 AM

I can agree with this

Reply to Convince parents to go brakeless 3/5/2018 7:38 AM

I dont even use brakes and enjoy watching Charlie Crumlish ride, dude is a genius.

Reply to Today I learnt 3/5/2018 7:34 AM

got 360s out of wall rides a few days ago, it was on a curved wall but still I'm pretty hyped about it .

Reply to Bad weather. 3/2/2018 9:19 AM

Florida's weather is bi polar as fuck..... the winters are nice though....

Reply to Little warning 3/2/2018 9:18 AM

THIS.... ANY part will break in due time but if you invest in better quality parts they do tend to last longer.....