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Shit I'll play

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You just gotta pretty much pinch and throw try staying compressed a little longer that helped me lots

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I don't got a picture of the bowl ... more »
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I have the 2012 su3 and I'm not sure about the lower completes they make but the su3 comes with the cinema tungsten wheels that got the 777 rims and they have been really good for me I would definety recommend cinema

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Just go fucking practice once you get 180s you will start yo progress faster just keep doing what your doing

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When you come really close to doing the trick or gap that scared but exited feeling you get use it and dont be a bitch if your gonna be to scared to progress give up and go back to gaming out

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Screw a screw into it then grab plyers and pull on the screw and itll all come out

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United gotta make some of the best completes btw i got the 2012 su3 and i love it so much

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Did my first hand rail today it was about a 10 set or so at my local Park landed it first try pretty stoked how was your guys first rail

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Dumb fucking reasons i gotta say

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K if your not just taking them off cause you want to be cool why do you want to take them off and btw I ride brakeless but I get pissed at people that take them off and run into me

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im making a big order and does any one know and discount codes thanks

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When i go my complete and pit ut together it did the same thing and my problem was that the sproket was a bit bigger then the spindle do it would tighten and loosen the chain it was like the sproket was ovalized but if you got a 48 spline spindle get ... more »

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I was going at a good speed and went to nose manual a ledge beside a mall and a girl opened a door right after i jumped and i got the handle bars to the lower stomach i felt like i had to puke and shit but nothing come out it hurt for like a month and ... more »

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dont do it that sled not running should be free its 30 years old man it wont go fast and i dont care what any one else says about making it fast and after market parts they dont make any for that old of a sled youd be better off buying like a 199? sled ... more »

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There are so many fucking how to 180 on this forum just look instead of making more threads or just learn them the way most people do practice practice practice its that easy

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my friend was skitching me up this gravel hill on his kx 100 and i was hanging on to the shroud right by the rad and when he shifted into 5th his leg kicked out and fucked my balence up and i ended up falling on my face and roling at the hill like 15 ... more »

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My friend has one and its so nice to ride I'd recommend it.

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K if you think it's your frame why you can't spin more its most likely not just ride and what feels comfortable is good I've gone from a 18" frame to a 20 to a 21 and never had any problems don't think if the frame was shorter it would be easier cause ... more »