"The Idea is worth the sacrafice We know we may not be the greatest BMX rider out there, but we all love what we do and that is what keeps us going! Sometimes when you fall and feel like giving up, you gotta stand back up and ask yourself, "did you start riding to become a quitter?" BMX is personal sometimes, It has alot to do with mentally challenging yourself, taking on the risk and knowing we have no limits and trying to control that! We always try to do our best and in that we all feel no matter what we become to the public eye, we are all happy with ourselfs at the end of the day regaurdless of the hype and what people talk about. There is always gonna be competition, haters, but it don't matter to us because we are having fun and we love what we do. Not everyone has the best opportunity in their lives, but knowing that we wake up everyday and have a life to live, that itself is the greatest opportunity. Time is passing us all by and I believe sitting around and watching it pass is a waste of time. Don't waste your time worrying or wondering, Focus on going for it. Do it for yourself. Life is like the lotto, we all cant win, but we can all try! Ride hard and enjoy the goodtimes with good mates, new mates, old mates & your family...because Before we know it...we look back...and after that...we all become the air.....RIDE ON"
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