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thanks bro!

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a couple things i threw together out of boredom :p

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The kink badger bars. There best bars i've ever rode. Like i think everything about them, geometry wise is incredible. They are perfect for barspins and are big, but not ape hangers HAHHA. Best bars ever, and the purple sparkle looks amazing on anyone's bike duhhhh!

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yo where is that big park?

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Very very sick!

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Does anyone else have a full time job they'd like to share? I work at hahha, I was just coming on here 2 see how everyone else fits riding in 2 there work schedule because i'm really starting 2 hate work as I feel it cuts into my riding time ... more »

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Do a press list on big daddy!!!!

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That place is beautiful, Niceee vid!!! I'm so happy to finally see a trails video smile Loooks so fun!

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Thank you very much! I will go practice with these tips, ill snap another picture when i think i got everything and then tell me if its looking alright