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My favourite trick was the toothpick hangover to hop over that DGAF Dan did. It's a hard trick, cause it's down a handrail, what makes it difficult. And you need lots of power with the ''hop over.''
Also, it's a sick game! Nice step by this dudes!

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Started new thread Woody Lindoorn afternoon Uithoorn 8/4/2010 3:51 AM Woody Lindoorn rides at his local skatepark in Uithoorn, The Netherlands. Filmed with a Canon 500D, the camera is also from Woody. Instead of Tripod, we've got a skatepark. haha Almost everything first try! ... more ยป

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My best memory of BMX was when I was the first time biking in ''everland'''. I saw BMX'ers shredding. I saw BMX'ers do huge airs and barspins and tailwhips! At that time I thought: ''Wow, I want to ride BMX''! I didn't now anybody besides my friend in ''everland''. I walked to everybody and keep them busy with my questions about BMX. Now I can do barspins and airs. And also now I keep the pro's busy with my questions and I keep looking at them, and the huge airs and tailwhips and barspins. BMX is just keep shredding and making fun, it's no competition like soccer. It's just different, much more fun! BMX is different than soccer because you can be different than someone else, you can do other tricks. I LIKE BMX!! Image and video hosting by TinyPic

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