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i ride the 2.25 in the front and it isn't too loud when going straight, but when turning the side knobs hum pretty loudly. the 2.25 inflates to 2.3 so the 2.45 is probably a 2.5. The aitkens grip so well on almost any surface, and while they are a bit ... more »

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10 euros?? I would really check for rust, cracks and dents. United makes good frames (in my experience) but I can already see a few dents on it, but would be better than what you have. The cult/fly wheel would be good as well.

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I have a odyssey keychain so that would be no issue. My axle is currently at the edge so i will definitely have to remove a link.

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Switching over to a different frame, and it doesn't clear my 31/10 ratio, so I have to add one or two small spacers on the drive side, but that messes with the chainline. I can either keep running the sprocket real close to the frame with a slightly ... more »

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steel sounds better, and there aren't any sleeves to worry about steel pegs last forever. They are heavier than all the others though. aluminum is mostly for stalls, chinks, hang 5's, rocket manuals and other flat stuff. They are lighter and still have ... more »

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I only have so much time before I am too old to ride, and eventually dying and never being able to ride again.

Added reply in a thread Sun Ringle 6/18/2020 9:35 PM apparently the domain is for sale. no idea why but I hope they aren't closing, I always liked their rims

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keep in mind that tires like the grifters, khe's, and tiogas are light but relatively weak, so if you do any concrete grinds/street riding they might get flat often. otherwise they're good tires and amazing for park. I recommend demolition hammerhead/rig ... more »

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yeah it's just the smith logo, they make helmets and stuff. It'll be hard to identify the bars but you could measure the dimensions and crossbar od but it will still be tough to find what they are without any other markings

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looks like a frame off a complete, as it has holes drilled in the cs/st bridge which is more common on lower end bikes. goodfeelin is an acc on instagram, they post a bunch of cult/stoner stuff

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aitkens. the end.

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They're good cranks. It won't be as easy to pull apart and assemble as the thunderbolts, but you still get a lifetime warranty

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i was looking at the kraken (which is a flex helmet) but I don't think paying 80-90 for a helmet with the same certifications and a little more comfort is worth it. I was considering getting the cheaper one but I don't know if theyre comfortable.

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It's time for a new helmet as i crashed 3 times in my other helmet, one of them pretty badly. That one didn't fit my head perfectly, so I don't know what to get next. I have heard good things about s1, shadow (featherweight), and Bell, but is there any ... more »

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Keep them. Momentum +100 when you go down hills lol

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what i like is that they have soooo much variety and so many parts. I usually buy from circuit, powers and albes though.

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1. Yes. Frames like the s&m black magic, fit hartbreaker, or the Trail Boss have very long chainstays and slack headtubes which are similar to race bikes. 74.5 ht, 14"+ cs, 21"+ tt, and ~11.625 bb heights are race/ trail geometry, but there might ... more »

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I see people ride standard 125r's at trails. Race bikes make good trail bikes just make sure you're not clipped in

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If it's on the back it'll do fine. if it the front then I would just wait as washing out on the front sucks.

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If it's from the freewheel (the gear that spins on the back wheel) you can just get a higher quality one for 20-30 bucks