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my profile pic is actually at renton park, auburn is like 20 minutes south of renton, but yeah auburn is the shit! they painted it recently though with the most slippery paint ive ever set foot on, it sucks!

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air force. but only for 1 more aint for me. OIF twice and those were the only fun times...convoys

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thats amazing

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Whats up man? What branch of the military are you in? I'm in the Coast Guard, nice to see another military Bmxer.

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dude whats your address?? haha your yard looks so fun

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your pretty good dude but you need to go faster

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haha just a little hop 3 while deployed to iraq

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my myspace got deleted while i was in iraq so im makin a new one...send me a request.

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your profile pictue is bushmaster park in flagstaff, az. that place is the shit

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hey what part of socal are you from?

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