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i have a stock bike (specialized p20 pro 2013) but there is i a spacer and there is some grease is there. i just use standard Allen keys and tighten them till my fingers hurts and it wont move any further, this happened a month or so back and hasent ... more »

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i thought i would ask if anyone has had there fork slip sideways with there stem. I have always tightened my stem as tight as i could possibly get it, but a little while ago my fork slipped about 20-30 degrees to the right when i was comming out of a ... more »

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2 different things idiot, please don't tell me that you have never heard of someone having two bikes.

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Are sunday completes any good? i know there frames are strong. i was looking at the primer 16 for a secondary bike. but i want it to be really strong and last me for a few years. any replys wood be good as i new to the forum

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