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If you use your brake for brake tricks and emergency cases in traffic or while riding trails ONLY: cool If you use it to reduce/adjust speed: bullshit My experience from friends riding brakes is that they tent to brake at every fucking time possible. ... more »

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hahaha what? didn't know about these

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everyone saying that rider xyz should earn the spot int he commercial just don't have a fucking clue it is an advertisment, not a fucking bmx edit. there is no need for "blasting a big ass wallride". you know what you get when working kinda stuff with ... more »

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2003 Terrible One Barcode Garrett Byrnes

what a beauty!

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Always remember the "height" of your pegs. You can grind rails that you aren't able to jump over.

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why even care?

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How many session do you had with a freecoaster on? Freecoaster = Cheating? U serious?

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my eyes are bleeding

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You all need to learn how to not give a fuck.

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90East and ALYK always offer nice clothing.

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What a fucking rad stunt curtis! Hell yeah!

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Some of the shots from this year Manny 180 / My roomate Moritz

Feeble Oppo 180 / Me Inspector Richard: Random shot at the spot Local skatepark Feebs / Christian Cellardoor 180 / Moritz again ... more »

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Buy It! You can let someone take a photo of a wallride you're not landing but still get on the cover of a magazine.

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are they at least working on new output? or will this be their second run of robbin old fanboys money by just getting some merch printed?

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"when we shopped for frames 15 years ago, no one really cared" Look how far bmx has progressed through the years. New geometry, lighter bikes and people being more concerned about good fitment might play a big role in it.

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The Animal Jeff Kocsis ones are very thick and anyway (imo) the best grip for bmx.

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It's all personal Preference. Back in the days I put my bars just in line with the fork and tightened it. Nowadays I tighten it a bit, stand on the bike and try to find the angle that feels most comfortable. I always end up Chicago when doing so. In ... more »

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What's the difference between "bmx look" and "skater look"? I'd say it's completely the same and you could only notice the difference if you know certain brands (i.e. the animal hoodie, OP mentioned), or if you check how the shoes are worn off. Fashionwise ... more »

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Broke my 5th midfoot in early april. Got a surgery where they put a screw in it to fix it. Almost 2 month on cruches. Don't notice the injury while riding. I just avoid big impacts like big drops to flat, but thats just for the next few month. The only ... more »

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I can relate. Since i switched to 165mm cranks, every bike i rode with 175mm ones felt super weird.