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Good job. I still remember my first... never start with a 48 spoke wheel, cross laced. It gets easier every time.

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That's a tough question... Chromoly is a much stronger alloy than hi ten steel. Much less prone to bending or cracking. Problem being, hi ten is far from garbage. It's more a problem of where the hi ten gets used in a mixed frame. If it wasn't being ... more »

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And although i havent seen it mentioned yet... Be a good human being. Help out others in the BMX community, and your local community. A big part of it is literally winning a popularity contest. The rest is skill and luck. And don't ride just to be a ... more »

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G says they're on point. That's good enough for me.

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S&M Intrikat. Tech as fuck, American made. Designed for flatland, but in a 20.5, a bit long for it... S&M BTM. Another tech machine. Fit WiFi. FBM Hardway. So many out there... But

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I dunno... 500 for a mirraco with what appears to be lower end parts seems a bit high. I'd offer $300-MAX, and that's only if you absolutely LOVE it. Realistically i dont see it going for more than 250. My 2 cents.

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Just picked up a new 250L frame at my LBS, unfortunately the brake mounts are MIA. Anybody know which other mounts will fit? Any help is very appreciated!

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Put vaseline on em... That'll teach you. In all seriousness, ride em on gravel. Wears em in quicker.

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Mauls is a good shop. Been in a couple times, bit of a hike for me.

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Looks really nice... And it IS Profile... That pricetag though. This is BMX, not skateboarding. Nobodies gonna throw that kinda money around, not even for #swag.

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I heard the swagness adds a foot to your hops...

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Where's the like button? Lmao!

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So do you have two tree sprockets for sale? If so I'll take both. And the dirt forks with spacers. Tomorrow night if you can get me the info. Text to 6one7 three3one 0one8seven

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This. ^^^ I just didn't want to be the first to state the obvious, and only, answer.

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No I'm not asking information. I got to try a Subrosa complete the other day at the skatepark. It was honestly the most dialed bike I've ever ridden. Everything felt amazing. I noticed the frame was instantly responsive , the headtube angle was more ... more »

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It's made in a magical process involving leprechauns buttraping unicorns, or so I've heard, on the internet, and we all know if it's on the interwebs it must be true...

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1. Come up with a great idea 2. Tell people on vital and ask what you should do next 3. ???? 4. Profit

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Beginner: j hop Intermediate: is it a j hop? Expert: maybe it's not a j hop, but a bunny hop Pro: it's a god damn bunny hop! Thafuq is a j hop, dumbass?!!!

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So 30 dicks for the stem? Pffffffffffffffft! Lol!

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That Colony looks like an absolute bargain!!! Hell, I may buy one for spare parts!