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Okay got my thumper together.. some of the hardware is rusty... my question is anyone know what size main bearings are i think 180mm is correct not totally sure.. also something semi 2000s as far as grips and a seat would be outstanding.. any help greatly ... more »

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Anyone in MI.. just got my thumper together wanna go shred... anyone around bad axe or harbor beach???

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powerlite used to have one when i was kid in 90s i snapped two of em def powerlite tho

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looks like an old powerlite frame

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Ive been riding bmx close to 25 years over the years bikes have gone from heavy bulky solid frames.. to ultra light and durable... yes this has alot to do with forging of a frame and whatever kind of steel or aluminum is being used or even a mix of the ... more »

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as a comment to worth id say to the right person 250-300

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Names brad age 31 been riding since 1990 Skated aggressive inline for multiple years... switched to bikes been riding ever since... proud owner of 2000 gt thumper, and 2016 redline ro-am

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hello early 90s

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should I repaint or no????

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