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^^^to add on to that, it helps to practice your form while also at speed, so you can get fast, high hops! When i ride bikeparty, i just do a ton of manuals and bunnyhops up and down curb cuts, sidewalks and driveways.

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why do i see so many barspins from all the bigname dudes but never any xups, i know theyre easier but theyre still cool!

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reading this made my forearms hurt

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try a handrail and see what happens, dont be a pussy

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better than ct-7? one of the plates on my ct-7 is starting to bend

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kmc z510hx mushroom'd pins heat treated plates doesnt stretch as easily as halflink chains only a couple bucks more than a regular cheapo chain. i can easily afford to replace mine once every 12-18 months and i havent had a chain break on me in years. ... more »

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thank you for responding to the thread

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rhd/lhd? is the wheel straight?

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^^^great realistic advice that everyone is too positive and hopeful to post. i wish i woulda read that 10-15 years ago, fuck. so glad i did the traveling hippy thing before i got too old to ride. ive lived at so many good skateparks... just wish i woulda ... more »

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why is no one responding to this thread?

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one time i was riding bike party and chatting with the mtb'r who asked me if i wanna smoke some weed and slides out his removable barend-weedpipe

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takes me an hour to warm up, lol. first hour is just manuals and weak bunnyhops. once im warmed up i can ride like im in my twenties again

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def doesnt look like profile,

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i like riding in front of a crowd, especially if they dont ride bmx and think everything i do looks cool, that should b good motivatin for me to learn barspins and no handers

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i used a tubolito in a 2.25 tire can i now use that tubolito in a 1.95 width tire? or will it stretch or deform in a weird manner and leak air?

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my kid is gonna be a gay republican nerd that values money and drama over sports, beer and leisurely activity

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so it seems they changed the design of the buestiez skate shoes, and now theyre bulky thick sole'd shoes compared to the thin/snug/sleek versions that were around for the past 3 or 4 years??? ive had two pairs of used adidas buestiez shoes i loved, and ... more »

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why did the arsonist burn your garage? were they mentally ill? any lessons we can all learn from this?

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i would bring back spanish bb on the lighter bmx frames. saves a solid oz and spanish bearings lasted me when i rode had and will def last me now that i ride like a soft old man. also 48h rear hubs cuase 48 double butted spokes weighs as much as 36 straight ... more »

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im getting old and my bunnhops are weak as fuck. i can barely doublepeg a jersey barrier which is way under handrail height. fuck if i am not hopping onto something, it seems like my bhops max out at like 1 foot, lol