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I keep it greased. I ran it dry for a couple minutes after removing the grease encrusted metal shavings and it ran terribly, i then put motor oil inside and all felt well again I cannot figure out where the shavings are coming from. the hub does not ... more »

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so I've occasionally been feeling a grinding and resistance in my drivetrain when I pedal ~my driver is also missing one spring&pawl~ so upon inspecting my hub I notice metal shavings inside the hub. is this caused by the missing pawl and spring? ... more »

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hey, i need a slim case i can ride with the iphone s5 its an expensive phone and i am poor, i figure cases for a phone this old should be pretty cheap any recomendations?

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thx for the heads up, can anyone shoot me some contacts? it looks like all the rders are from north Carolina and not south Carolina ...according to all the submissions on @spotstoshred ..hey blaaaahhhhhh, I spent most my time on the street course yelling ... more »

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shitty art > shitty beer good beer > good art

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so I'm leaving swampfest and about to wander the east coast. I met some folks at swampfest who told me to go through the Carolinas so I'ma do that. I'm also gonna hit a bunch of the good looking parks along the way near Atlanta. I'll be headed to the ... more »

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hey I'm headed up to ATL area from Jacksonville FL, holler at me with any decent jumps along the way. how are the dirtjumps next to next to Peachtree City skatepark?

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I learned front pedal stall to fakie on a quarter yesterday a month before that I learned how to pop air out of big steep wallrides

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hey, I have a question about maxxis grifter maxis torch maxxis drop the hammer do these tires hold up to light grinding? mostly skatepark bowl coping and the occasional gnarly brick hubba what about a skinny 1.95 on a wide rim, will that leave the sidewalls ... more »

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yeah, I've been abusing my jcpc's for almost 10 years now. all other pedals last me 6 to 18mo I want some TI jcpc spindles, they might hold up

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I'll follow you through I'm hanging out in NOLA till the end of mardigras then continuing east. someone ride with me

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concrete takes like30 days to harden to full strength and ledges will chip much easier if you try to ride them when they're brand new

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I need to start a shoe swap with skaters so when their shoes are almost worn out near the front, I can then get another 3monyhs out of them by wearing out the back

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gosh dang it, I bought a pair of column cranks at full price and my cult sprocket won't go on. I hear the profile "22mm" is actually like 15/16in. is this tru3?

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well holler at me when you're there,brutha

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go to swampfest

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who is going? anyone making any sort of extended vacation/roadtrip for this?

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squirreldad1 I travel a lot. I don't post too many riding clips but I post lots of pictures of spots and skateparks from the great Pacific Northwest down to mexico

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mexico, south america has spots,

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is kink making quality product these days? i am out of the loop on who is breaking what