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Frame: Mirraco Blend (black) Rims: Front Sun Stock (black) Rear Proper (green) Hubs: Front Stock (black) Rear Shadow Raptor Cassete (white) bars: stock (white) stem:snafu (black) forks:stock (white) pegs: oddysey (black) grips: Animal Edwins (green) ... more »

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stolen sinner fc. comes with freecoaster and its only 25 lbs. stock. Throw some parts on there and u got a super light ass bike

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yeah if ur willing to put in somemoney deffinentley a bowl. That would really attract a tonnn of people. where is this park going to b anyway?

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ive got the cassette hub and ive had no problems with it. Its really nice. its like the strongest thing ever.

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just take it to ur park. i had the owner look at mine and he fixed it in 2 minutes no problem.

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super easy stuff that i do all the time is get one of those collapsable tables like the ones you use at like parties and stuff, and only put one side of the legs up. use it as a bank ramp and work on your rollbacks. then add in new stuff like bunnyhops ... more »

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i got the beastest wheelbarrel ever, its got 2 wheels. But its heavy as hell. I guess its like my Mirra. lol

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just watch camp woodward on Fuel TV. Theres a new episode on tonight at 8:30 and one of the kids who is getting filmed does all of the dishes and stuff. And they finnaly have a rider on the show too. thank god!

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If ur looking for lightest, and not really looks i would say Oddysey Elementary V3 DK Alpha Eastern Deceptikon

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dude ive gotta try that...

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if he was going to do that he should at least keep the cranks but lock them into position with whatever foot u ride forward. otherwise it wouldn't even feel like a bike. This is the worst thing since ripsticks. Damit people on those at the park is annoying! ... more »

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i did the same thing except i went from left to right and from 36-13 to 25-9. You have to buy a new driver no matter what and if ur drastically changing ur driver size u are going to need to get new spokes and nipples while ur at it. also make sure that ... more »

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i have the mirraco blend 1 and its decent but im looking to get the stolen sinner fc because i hear its amazing

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i am saving up 4 that bike. Hopefully enough cash by the summer so i can ride it everyday over the break.

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since when did animal make a 24 tooth sproket? i thought it waz from 22,25,28,31,... watev..

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animal edwins i hear that odi longnecks and fly rubens are good too though.. there basically all the same feel, just a little different texture

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duudeee proper rims!!! screw the rest!!

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hell yeah shields rapes!!!!

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yeah same, my bike was like 30 trillion lbs. I'm workin on it though. ive got a mirraco blend frame on it which is actually pretty light, but i still have a lot of stock parts like my forks, cranks, bars, headset, stem, seat, and front wheel. I did get ... more »

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"learn how to fakie" now theres an idea. I think that may have been the best statement said so far in this damn post. If you can't learn to ride fakie first you don't diserve to have a freecoaster. I think that milou is the most "educated bmxer" here. ... more »