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I just got the Animal Vinnie 25 tooth and its beast!!! Strongest thing ever.

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well... you could always get skatelite or ramp armour or sumtin but that costs 10x's more than the ramp it self would cost but the shit lasts FOREVER!!!

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yeah me to. i got new dragon goggles. Where do you go boarding?

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yo! you go to shields in Flemington. Thats my local park. I'm goin again tommorow 10-3.

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Alright Watchya guys get for Christmas or Khuanaka or watever. -Shadow Conspiracy Raptor Cassette, 36h, RHD, 9t -Proper Rim 36h -Animal Vinnie Lite, 25t, RHD -Animal Seat post Clamp -Shadow Conspiracy Umbra Seat Post -Animal Metal Bar Ends Don't make ... more »

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Soldier by TJ Lavin...listen to it before you ride. It's about Steven Murray's crash, and it really inspires you to ride for him.

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drop in 8 foot air out of ramps higher get my manuals down (nose too) X-ups Better Grinds 3's Get Honor Roll so that im allowed to go to Woodward

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I ride the hamilton pc's and i drop my bike on them all the time on footjam whips and they just scratch the logo on the outside up. It doesn't mess up the acctual pedal at all. They are also a lot lighter. I also think that plastics grip a lot better. ... more »

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Mirraco for the bike, Animal for the parts...Although both are priced pretty high they both look great and are really durable.

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Chase Hawk!!!! He's a monster booster.