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ii imma see tomorrow if things work out gudd imma hit yu up

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I stand on my tip toe, wen in the air (to straighten legs) bars keep hittin mah knee.

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word, cause im tired of seeing people throwing them in front of me (NO HOMO). Time to take matters in our own hands. I can throw half a bar.

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word, he shud be sponsoredd on some shit, Im smelling Odyessy

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lmao your one creigh-z ass motherfucker

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when you raw, please clear-coat it! Don't leave it. just an advice..i cracked my fit chase hawk frame from seattube.

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yea lol he a regular nigga. I mean his bar seemed so clean! lol i juss was left in shock it was jus him. He short doe.

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lmao dope! i want that A-Town fitted woohoo now thats swag.

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try to use one leg, and wiggle body side to side ( no homo ) Try.

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i did. he sed only first person buyer, but imma see if a shop cud make a receipt for me.

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lol well see its a Lifeline for this frame, my friend bought it from my other friend, and i bought it off my friend who bought it off my friend, feel me? lol its complicated but idk i might just weld it and paint it over

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that actually work?

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mini turndowns 180's nose to manual ( short period ) Hop ( Gap Shit ) And thats all in the city of NYC

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Does it offend you, yeah? - DOOMED NOW ( REALLY LISTEN B ) Justice - D.A.N.C.E ( regular version ) Justice - genesis N.A.S.A - Gifted ( ft. Kanye and Santogold ) K'naan - ABC's ( fuck the video lol ) Sister nancy - Bam Bam ( need some weed/jjah/reggae ... more »

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AITKEN! And Suggestion: BSD FOREVER FRAME BRUH Headset Type: Integrated (Campy Spec) Gyro Tabs: Included BB Type: Mid BB Height: 11.5" Chainstay: 13.75" Headtube Angle: 74.5° Seattube Angle: 71° Seatpost Size: 25.4mm Seattube Height: 8.5" (216mm) Dropout ... more »

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llook at that headset ( spacer ) neck.

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trends and helps develop hops and 180'z also 360'z....its easier..with low bars yu gotta tuck it hard! I ride with 8" rise bars its gudd but i might go down like 7.9" Animal Sway or Bob Scerbo 4 piece bars