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Steezy to pleazy the beezys.. For me, riding with proper technique and tasteful trick selection vastly improves my fun meter levels. Also a great spot to last all day

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Eclat pulsar, cult vans and s/m hoders are all made from ODI rubber. Any more? Thanks friends

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Mutiny Death Grip
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Kink bikes are east coast born, far east coast bred. I like them(: western mind with eastern philosophies. Have fun my friend!

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This guy doesn't know what overnight shipping is? Also positivity helps when dealing with situations. Would you rather wait 5 days to ride or break the wheel and then wait two more weeks? Measure twice cut once type dealio

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She's beautiful(: I am very impressed. What is your favorite spot(s) to ride this beast?

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Simone just appeared in a music video. wasabi 2.0 by tedua. Music and bikes are both ways to represent our own creativity. Turn on, tune in and drop out! Or tune up, drop in and turn down! sorry guys :p Edit** to add artist

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She is gorgeous. Congratulations on the dopeness

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Boise right here let's shred Rhodes or Caldwell skate plaza! We're about to blow up real soon I'll see y'all there

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When the OP says best, that is a vague description. The Zcoaster is the best, just not the best for people on a budget. How did you break the Merritt coaster p1? I've only ridden 3 coasters, so my experience is limited to what other people tell me

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Z coaster or Merritt final drive freecoaster. Lifetime warranty ?

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I think that you might need to move the rear wheel back a smidge for stability, but you will love the Sunday Manhandle bars once you're used to them. Let us know before and afters(: your back will also thank you

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Cult AK bars 9, 9.35, 9 65 12backsweep 2 up. 29.5 wide

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I'd say try 9 or 9.25 maybe 9.5? How much overall rise do you plan to have? 8.6/topload can be equal to 9.85/front load depending on stem rise. I ride 9.2 bars for 10.25" total rise including stem/spacers @ 6'1 I love it Edit** Cult AK bars 9,9.35,9.65 ... more »

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I have ridden them light street and park for one year and when installed correctly they hold up as well as any other 8 spooned pinch bolt cranks. I strongly recommend for a cheap upgrade for an intermediate level rider. Never dropped over 4 feet and ... more »

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Bike check thread?

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Try using the search bar friend. This thread topic is a broken record around here. You will find just what you need if you take time and do research yourself