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Premium Spire
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That fakie to cab downside whip was pretty sick i must say

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Try shoe tying techniques that runners use to seat the heel properly and keep the shoe in place so the foot won't slide forward. literally changed my life and now the shoe is tight on my foot, not my toes. Edit* +1 for Marana from etnies. I've only tried ... more »

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YouTube search

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ANIMAL BOB BARS! or... Maybe trim the ends to narrow the bars or shorten fork steerer tube length? Also flip stem and remove spacers(: I have found up to 2 inches adjustability with these simple affordable experiments. Bmx is unique. To each their own ... more »

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"Very fashionable or up to date in style or influence," as defined by a Google search. Bmx has been influential in all of our lives, or we wouldn't be here. Let's begin. What makes a bmx trendy? How do trends affect bmx today? Your personal favorites? ... more »

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Edit** +1 fit faf tires also Demolition Rig, shadow strada nuevo, and any animal tire. All sizes do work, IMO 2.25+ at 50-70psi If being trendy is the only thing discouraging proven science, help yourself to the wide variety of other choices to appease ... more »

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Most cranks include adapters for crank arm spindle sizes so they are compatible with 19mm, 22mm, and 24mm cranks. I've seen guard sprockets run inside out. The Knox, like The Subrosa Magnum and Eclat Venom guard are rotatable for maximum sprocket life ... more »

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United because Nathan Williams and Alex Valentino. Madera because Mike Henkins. Fly because Ruben (:

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Tree woodgrain?

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JRsmoothee I was raised by elephants and never attended public school. I sense a lot of hate towards your own education in that you've contributed nothing positive to this forum. Maybe you were always 2nd string and that's why you harbor such a grudge ... more »

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I have also noticed that lower pressure 45psi makes my bike squishy and higher pressure 70psi feels a bit more responsive. It's like bouncing a basketball with different psi. They bounce different?

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Look for sealed bearings. Also local craigslist may be useful. Many top of the line bikes get sold at discount prices. Look around for other options before you decide

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Good day vital! How should one go about shortening the Chain stay length of a frame? I wish to remove 1/8th inch (3.8mm) in order to effectively remove my (currently) slammed wheel without breaking the chain. Anyone ever try this with success? Should ... more »

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Jeff with glasses wears glasses too.

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id say pick the best middle ground. too steep and riding fast isnt as stable. 20.5-21 frame with 13-13.5 chainstay will be plenty responsive and not sacrifice stability for manuals and high speeds. steep headtube plus steep forks equals over the bars ... more »

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Vans sk8 hi.

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Hallucinogens are the most enjoyable while riding bike. Swim rides his bike all over and when tripping on LSD and Psilocybin he finds a new possibility when the sober, aware state of mind brings cowardice, he can do anything while frying. Tracers are ... more »

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When I got the Merritt stem it quickly invaded my privacy and took control of not only my bars, but my life. I started ripping east coast hard core, switched to metal pegs and even started smoking weed. Then my Merritt inaugural topload stem started ... more »