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How about 27/9? Perfect 3.0 ratio for speed and acceleration(:

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What is your reach and or inseam? Those s well as pedal to bar relativity affect a cockpit size as well. nobody knows what's best for you except you. Try other people's bikes or move your bars forward or back slightly

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Profile z coaster?

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IRONY- the expression of one's meaning by using language that normally signifies the opposite, typically for humorous or emphatic effect. My sprocket is aluminum, not irony

Added reply in a thread Frame 2/17/2017 11:38 AM Solution: Wtp 25mm stem/bars.? Does OP run bars perpendicular to ground? Interested in photos of OP bike

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To solve fat tire clearance simply add one half link to your chain. Also try lowering tire pressure. Animal glh 2.3 /fit faf 2.25/cult deharts 2.35/ and I really like demolition tires personally

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What's your favorite terrain? Your height? 170s are the way my friend. Short crank converts include Jake Seeley, Clint Reynolds, and Mike Hinkens. The feet are closer together allowing less overall movement to get the job done. I have ran 30/9 with 170mm ... more »

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Color does not affect the overall function of the product so just paint it yourself or get it powder coated

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Ggallin has not experienced the many benefits fat tires.To each their own my friend. All tires inflate differently so unless you've personally installed this combination we have no way to know if they will fit. what air pressure do you ride? I used to ... more »

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Ethan Corriere " I ride the 21 savage frame"

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Yes remove them so peg is flush with dropout

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Sunday odyssey is a beautiful machine. If you decide to swap frames you'll have a class A set of parts readily available

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Practice riding your bike. You could be crankflipping right now instead typing on this here website. There is no magic crankflip secret. Actually there is. It's called practice

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Fit faf 2.25s or bsd donnnasqueaks (:

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They're all Khe or odyssey clones, except the profile z coaster. Ask yourself are you more street or park? Grinding often? Best is a vague word in this scenario

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I snapped the bottom brackett off doing a 720 off a curb. You should get the Brandon begin frame because begin doesn't do 720s

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BSD donnasqueaks are solid! Premium is a super large tire with great traction except on slick skateparks. I have no personal experience with shadow tires.. id get 2 of the same tire whichever you chooose

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Op I have a united dinero 21.2 toptube with same wheelbase as my old 20.85 toptube and I've noticed the bike is indeed roomier but the angles of the longer frame make steering and stability a touch more sensitive just on a longer toptube. 21 with 75 ... more »