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FIT HoodBird
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What bars are they? Maybe a model number or brand name can help us determine the answer. 11b4u feels wondeful

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Both frames are very similar, and also theyre both perfect for your type of riding. Practice,not parts,will make tricks happen. If your beginning try a complete bmx before building custom to figure out which geo is right for you.. I'd say 20.5-20.75 ... more »

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26mm goes over the bars faster, it's harder to stay balanced but easier to get there. Longer offset makes nose wheelies more effort to get into but easier to balance in my experience. I'm still getting used to them as my old 28mms were perfect

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I'm looking for 170s thanks tho!

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Arm length?

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2007 Sunday! 1st Wave
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My personal favorite is always murdered out black. My bike is black with pieces of red and polished, simple but stylish. This question is mostly opinions and everyone thinks differently.. what do you like to ride? I often reference Google for bike inspiration ... more »

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Haro La Bastille
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Demolition rig tires or fit fafs from experience. I've never heard a bad word about demolition momentum either

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Chromoly hub guards are best imo. Try s/m, the daily grind or I have mission guards on my bike. Corey Martinez is a bike machine. Very nice build! (:

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Let's learn the weirdos hospitality!!! It is apparent that many struggle with this, but we all share the park and should act appropriately. They are the potential future of our sport and no matter how silly at least they're staying out of trouble with ... more »

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Definitely give it a test ride up the block as well as a visual inspection for cracks or other signs of abuse. I'd recommend a bicycle tune after purchase. Things like wheels trued; tighten bolts/nuts & grease bearings if necessary. I like a fresh ... more »

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What he said^^^ i rode a 20 inch at 9 years old. Adjust handlebars a smidge back and slam the seat. My mom said It would be a better long term investment and it lasted me like 5 years until I was big enough to break it. I think Mongoose mode 900 is a ... more »

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Kmc 415h if your driver can handle it (: Odyssey bluebird also exceeded expectations and cool factor+1 odyssey

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bike! Good day all; this is Kade from Boise, Idaho. Im 21 years old, 150lb, and 6 ft 1 in height. My hobbies include body modification, women and music. Thanks for reading this. Go ride your bike!
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I've owned white, raw, and polished, all of which were over a year old when hand me downed to the next friend in line.. I've never run eclat tires personally, I'd say give em a go!! The best street tires are animal glh if you need a real manly street ... more »