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There's a LOT of tire options these days.. I love fit fafs or fly rubens in the streets. I'm 6'1 too and the Sunday freeze is my favorite top load after the s/m challenger. Classic stylish design and big solid bolts and made by sunday? Yesss

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This is a beautiful build!!

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Hello friend is the odyssey aitken tire still available? the price is right n I'm PayPal ready.

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Until you develop god-like bike control, fork offset will mostly send you more over the bars. 28 imo is the perfect offset for all terrain

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Get a can of paint and save 100$(:

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2.4s at 75psi=fast and grippy. I like big tires for the better stability due to more tire touching the ground and also the cushion feeling of landing gaps. If there's a finger space around your tires you'll be fine with fitment.

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S&M Tallboy
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I have stranger Brooks bars 9.5 cut to 27 wide pics up asap I'm at work right

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Bit of this and that!
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Longer toptube if you can find a good trade or sweet deal, but do t waste the money. max spacers merrit crumlish grips Verde regent 9.25 plus Sunday freeze stem equals perfect in my opinion at 6 foot

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Good day friend! Bmx is a form of infinite progression as you will never truly master it. If you keep practicing you will someday magically click and come to a higher understanding due to earned hours of practice as well as learning bike control and ... more »

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I am interested in learning about daily life routines that can help benefit or may harm ones ability to ride. To be the best I wish to start with how I can positively impact my riding experience. I read alex kennedy is a raw foodist. Are there other ... more »

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Thank you all! She is my Frankenstein and my squishy.. I run my chainstays as far back as possible, and my seat as high as the sky. I've owned 3 United frames all solid highly recommended! ! $ @notoriusBKN 75.5 hta/13.1-13.3 cs I have found is perfect ... more »

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WTP Envy
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PayPal ready for bsd fork at70$. My number is 2O88098O85 I'm sleeping lol will respond when I rise (: possibly package deal for passenger frame/bar/bsd fork and stem thanks!

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Volume Custom (Current)
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Good deals are soon forgotten when bad quality is a bitter taste that last much longer. Definitely get the best you can afford!! It's worth every penny

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United dinero 21.2 Kink foundation fork Wtp sterling bar Merritt grips/ends Fit benny stem Merritt seat Sunday cranks Merritt sprocket Shadow chain United pedals Shadow coaster/mission stalwart to kink atlas rims. Fit faf2.3/aitken 2.25 tires Stolen

... more »

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Division brookside has perfect street specs imo. Maybe be the first to write a review of it