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aawesome! hahha

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hahah. i have some clips on my computer!

i dont have enough footy yet but. soon!
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sweet thanks! its really rough i jsut put it up cause people are buggin me to put up music and idk IM BORED. but yeah well have more soon

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yeah man!!!! haha i dont really rememebr youuu 0_o

New thread like this 8/28/2011 8:11 PM!/pages/BHR/241578925883031 please. does anyone on here remeber me?

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and like it!/pages/BHR/241578925883031

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bump thanks guys

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dude @ Northwest steeze its that welsey kid he always texts me and shit like hey dude its iz lets hangout WTf AHHAhis name on here was wesleytrammel fuckin creep ahah thanks guys and yeah ino the sigs are gay im using windows movie maker ahha

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s&m and fit are in the same warehouse it doesnt matter!

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ahaha yeahh man i just wanted to post this vid lol oh here an embed

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hAvent been on this website in ages

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worst thread ever

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bc rich is for shreeders in a bad way

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this band is gay

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i like tits.

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a video of a band