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Brand new uninstalled alienation rush v2, white, RHD.

125 shipped, or might trade, looking for a rear hub or wheel, but feel free to offer anything i'll consider it. Also have a pair of edwin grips and animal pedals too, both in good condition. ... more »

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i still ride my stock frame, forks, chain, stem, and cranks. got my bike February 2011. had my stock back wheel on too until last week cause it had like 8 broken spokes and a crack in the rim, and my tire rubbed my frame on both sides. Its funny cause ... more »

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Pics of the back wheel? Hows the condition?

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When did vital start sucking so much?

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Looks fun to mess around on but I'd never spend money on one

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Dave Thompson Eli platt Mike mastroni Ian Schwartz And probably more I can't think of right now

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I'm 17 and have never had my own phone haha

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if you could only do different variations of one trick for the rest of your life, what would it be?

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my girlfriend thinks its cool, she likes to take pictures or film me riding sometimes. every once in a while she even tells me about cool spots that might be good for riding haha, im lucky she's into it

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Better backwards manuals Grind a handrail T-bogs Crankslides Crankflips Better flat 3s And some big drops/gaps

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Plain bagels, sometimes a jalepeno bagel. fuck cream cheese i just eat em toasted w/ butter i actually dont eat bagels often cause my family buys shitty bagels

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it was funnier when the calafia account had the old yellow avatar that was similar to mine, some people actually thought i was you hahaha

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because they're a parts company? just a guess

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so many bangers throughout simones rail hop and AK's bar to fakie were sick

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I'm also bloghogs.

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dang, i was expecting to see someone actually landing it. still crazy though.

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i love coke and pepsi in glass bottles, it's so much better

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grossest flairs ever though haha but the rest was sick