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Judging by the writing on the side I’d say it’s a pretty early demo stem. Their earlier railed seat posts and stuff had demolition written on them like that, all capital letters with the backwards E. 00-05ish maybe?

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Idk but it sounds fbm-ish

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Damn lol

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This pic is trippy lol looks like it’s on flat but I’m assuming it’s a flyout and the angle makes it look like that

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I would never think that stem with the gold bolts/headset/top cap would look good but it works so well, looks awesome


That was such a bad generic response I can’t even tell if it was serious or not

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Odyssey South Gate pedals

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Is your name really Dave Lawrence? What was your first car?

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I love this forum

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Wouldn’t you get tennis ankle in your ankle?

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I will agree with flat 3s and tabletops. Nose manuals aren’t a basic trick in my mind. Manual 180s impossible for me also

Reply to MOTF: 5/2/21 - 5/16/21 w/ bloghogs 5/14/2021 8:58 PM

I know I’m not bloghogs but I think Dave Lawrence needs a go at it soon e; or pegless

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Good luck

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I get this but I’d say just get a gsport gland (or whatever’s cheapest and will work) if the wheels not the best, then when you upgrade wheels get the proper hubguard to go with it

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“It’s always the stupid little shit that kills you” is the story of my life

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Why not

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2.25 fafs are great, right now I’m on animal twws and they’re holding up great, odyssey aitkens if they feel good to you on street should hold up decent but probably not for everyone. I had some United slick 2.3 ties a while back and they were actually ... more »

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For freestyle BMX What I’ve heard/read I think is there’s like 7 countries who get in the final, each country gets one rider except the country who qualifies best, that country gets 2, and I think it’s gonna be Aus or USA who gets 2 riders. So esentially, ... more »

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Don’t know the year on this pic but here’s Erin Donato riding her I think prototype sick child frame in her wedding dress