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I thought it meant that the TT and DT were chromoly and everything else High Tensile steel. There doesn't seem to be an industry standard for the term because it seems that different companies have different definitions for it. Not to criticize or anything, ... more »

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I love the look of 4 piece and I want to get some soon. Typically, 4piece bars have less back sweep and upsweep of 2 piece bars, but that doesn't mean they have to be made like that, it's just how a lot of the bars were made at the time period. 4piece ... more »

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I like the Mongoose Legion, BMXPlus did a review of it and it looks pretty nice, the stem is crap and it's seriously over priced at $629, but it seems like a good ride. Glad to see Mongoose back in the game, even if they are Overseas. If they came down ... more »

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Think so? Maybe your right I don't know. I would definitely notice it though, I'm very anal and particular about how a bike feels, I can't ride anything that has a steep headtube angle. I used to have an Eastern that was very very sharp in it's handling. ... more »

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There is actually a valid reason for skateparks not allowing BMX, sadly enough. Pegs can cause incredible damage to ramp coping if not used properly, hell even if they are used properly they still can cause alot of damage. Most skateparks are sadly underfunded ... more »

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This was just mentioned in another topic but I wanted to start another thread to examine it; the new Fit Wifi frame has a headtube angle of 75.5 degrees, (the Federal Dan Lacey does too) which is very very steep. BMX headtube angles typically range from ... more »

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I would say no to the Fit wifi frame on the premise that it has a 75.5 head tube angle, which is very very steep. You probably want a 74.5 (better for dirt jumping) or a 75 (more suited to technical street) But I think 75.5 is a little ridiculous for ... more »

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One time me and some friends were skateboarding at a local college at night, and off in the distance we could see a flashlight heading towards us but it was so far away we didn't think anything of it, but then we noticed it was bobbing up and down really ... more »

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What are you hoping to do with it? (stylewise?) A 21 or 21.25 would be good, but you gotta make sure it's a taller frame, if you're over 6 foot taller frames are important so when you sit your knees aren't up around your ears. If you want to do trails ... more »

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Shit quality? What are you talking about?! Those pics are epic! I love the crashing one, perfect. I think they look pretty damn good. What kind of camera do you use?

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Edit, I meant ask Calafia, not bloghogs. My apologies bloghogs. Go look at the file entitled "mystery file" under the pictures section, some neat suspension bikes there. There have been alot of cool ass designs over the years and there are still a lot ... more »

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I've ran two sets of DK Tsukas, I like them. Nice and soft, never had throttle grip, but I think my next set shall be Cult DeHarts. I like flangeless.

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PS Dan Lacey is the man.

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I just watched the dub rampwerx video and it got me wondering...a lot of riders look kind of goofy when they land backwards and have to do that awkward fakie 180 out and I was wondering, who do you think has the best fakie out? I personally love to see ... more »

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Take driver's ed. Definitely take driver's ed. You pay way more for insurance if you don't. I have no idea why. Word of advice; when taking the driving portion of the test, when you come to a stop you have to come to a complete and utter stop. Once the ... more »

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Good lord. This. Exactly. No scooters here, but the streets is lined with fixies here. I love bikes of every variety, and I find fixies to be aesthetically pleasing and all, but I get annoyed by the "post-ironic" people that ride them. Downtown Burlington ... more »

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Are you kidding? I love those bars! What are the dimensions on those bad boys? I wish i could find some 4 piece bars, but I can't find any larger than 8in.....

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People have done this in the past, they still do it sometimes on motorcycles. I would love it personally, but few companies would want to do it because it's expensive and a pain in the ass to loop the cables and cable guides through. Unfortunately BMX ... more »

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If you experience vision loss or a loud ringing in your ears, go see a doctor. Seriously. I got hit by a car years ago and went blind for about 20 minutes and heard a loud ringing in my ears. Turns out I snapped my neck and had nerve damage. I didn't ... more »

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I hear you man, I hear you. I'm up to my knees in the stuff now with 6 more inches of it on the way. All I do is daydream of my bike. I miss you hill bombing! I wish there was an indoor park nearby. (sigh.)