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It's a really tough topic in this day and age. There is a lot of pressure to drink and do drugs. But ultimately every individual needs to come to their own conclusions and be allowed the freedom to decide what they want to do with their own bodies. It's ... more »

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I feel bad for not mentioning thisearlier but,....what about CCS? Go to, they have lots of skinnys for pretty cheap. I believe they have some buy on get second for half off deals going on. Very legit company, been in business since I was a wee ... more »

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Quite the articulate gentleman. I'm glad to see that he is reasonable about his lifestyle and views. I've been kind of saddened by the influence of drug culture in the BMX scene lately. It didn't use to be this way either. BMX used to be considered a ... more »

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I never ever wore a helmet in my whole life until a friend of mine got demolished in an accident. True story this, years ago I used to ride with this girl named Jen, one night she was riding down the sidewalk, real slow, and she went to drop off the ... more »

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It's a clothing boutique, like an urban outfitters or hottopic kind of thing. There's one at a local mall here, but they must have a website cause they are a national chain. Google it?

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Rue21 son! I have like 5 pairs of them. I recently got a pair on clearance for 8 bucks. Can't go wrong with that. I have three pairs that are 3 years old and still look fresh. They're super stretchy but not ridiculously tight. They are snug, but not ... more »

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I currently have 19 tattoos and inch and a half plugs and septum pierced. Don't regret any of it. The only thing I regret is not having more tattoos. I'm shooting for full sleeves and maybe a chestpiece at some point.

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I just googled bamboo bikes and I got a link to Calfee Designs, who apparently make all bamboo/carbon fiber frames. You should check them out, very beautiful frames. Bikes are actually pretty environmentally sustainable things though. Bikes don't go ... more »

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Well, Haro makes some pedals from recycled plastics. There is a bike company from Europe (Germany?) That uses fortified bamboo in its frames. They make road bike frames, the bikes use some kind of hardened bamboo on the top tube and down tubes. Way too ... more »

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damn man, I feel old now. That shit all came out when I was out of high school. (1996) I was born in 1977 and I remember 8tracks, the Ramones and the Clash, I remember when Atari came out, the Nintendo came out, Mario was the shit! I remember skateboarding ... more »

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Know what trick I'm dying to see someday? Barhop tailwhips. Go off a given jump, kick your feet out over the handlebars while simultaneously throwing a tailwhip. Can it be done? Absolutely. Has anyone ever done it? Not to my knowledge. Would love to ... more »

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Ryan Guettler said once that the brakeless trend was really disheartening because brakeless riders tend to ride slower. Some people ride brakeless and make it look good, but most people wind up going slower and sloppier. I myself run a straight cable, ... more »

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I've seen other videos with this guy, always entertaining. I actually am quite impressed with his riding, always unique and isn't afraid to do his own thing. And while he does seem kind of goofy, watch him, lots of bike control. If he dedicated himself ... more »

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Oven cleaner?! Are you putting me on? Seriously?

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You know, the sad thing is I've never seen this movie, and I was all about BMX at the time too. I always wanted to see it, but I have no idea where to find it.

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I have an anodized blue frame, will aircraft stripper remove an anodized finish?

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Come on guys, no Vans? Vans is the shit. They were the first "skateboard" shoe company, have supported skateboarding and BMX since their inception, make the best shoes and throw tons of contests, support god only knows how many athletes and are just ... more »

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Dear Bloghogs, I did not mean to be snide or offensive with my comment posting on your picture gallery, nor did I mean to offend your sensibilities. But this is a BMX site, and I wrote this post to see which people would rather own, a cruiser, or just ... more »

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Ooooh, those are really sexy. Why don't you like the Sunday Model C cruiser? Those bikes pictured would do the trick nicely. DK makes a rigid dirt jumper called the asterik. The 2011 model looks really nice. What do you think of that?

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Anyone here rock a 24in BMX cruiser? And if so which one? I want a bigger bike cause I'm kinda big, so I wanted to build up a custom 21in TT BMX bike, then I was thinking maybe a 24in cruiser would be better suited for my needs, ie; hill bombing and ... more »

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