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Dear chief brah, Montpelier is indeed small as fuck, there isn't really anything interesting to ride there, but if you have a good eye and wander around a bit, there is some interesting spots that are beyond the beaten path. Come spring I want to go ... more »

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Are you guys nuts? The Supercross Envy is like 2lbs even. It's a race frame, but still a BMX frame.

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Dear Verde, I just saw the Dan Lacey compilation video, and you are correct, fucking sick ass gap. There is no damn way I would ever do that without a full face helmet and full padding. Dude's gotta death wish is all I have to say. I have a new hero.... ... more »

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I appreciate it all, the sport needs diversity. Everyone has their own preferred styles and that's what makes it so dynamic. There's always something new, the boundaries are constantly expanding. People are doing things now That 10 years ago I couldn't ... more »

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I would love one too, but I think I'll wait on it. I've read reviews that say they strip down very quickly. If you can afford to buy one, I'd say go for it, but keep a spare wheel handy.

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You know who really surprised me lately? Sean Burns. Dude does crazy huge gaps. Not very technical a rider, but damn he does some huge drops.

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I actually really respect Danie Dhers, the guy is super consistent. He can lay it down day after day after day. He's a machine. Very few pros can lay it down like he can. Sure, all the tour guys are awesome riders, but few of them can dish it out as ... more »

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I'm surprised no one mentioned Portland, Oregon. Sadly no city or spot in Vermont is famous for it. I live In Montpelier, (the state's capital) and I think I'm the only one around currently. But Barre, VT has some untapped potential I'd like to exploit ... more »

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I agree that most flat riders look like a bunch of idiots, but there are riders who make it look extraordinary. I saw some edit of a Japanese competition and those guys were nuts! Matt Wilhelm can spin so fast it defies logic, and Matthias Dandois is ... more »

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I was wondering if anyone rides flatland at all, and what your thoughts are regarding it. I recently saw a vans/430 collaboration video featuring some Japanese gentleman and it was really amazing. If you haven't seen it go to and search it ... more »

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I can't even begin to understand why anyone would want a loud hub. Why would you want every cop in a mile radius to know exactly where you are? If you want to be noisy, put some cards in your spokes. Or get those little plastic beads to put on your spokes! ... more »

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They look good, but throw an "M" in there and suddenly it's not so cool! hahahaha! Designs are good, might want to consider changing the name though......

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Seriously? Some cops are just dicks regardless I suppose. Next time request the officers name and badge number and request to speak to his commanding officer. That usually shuts them up.

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I'm a huge huge fan of vans. I have vans atwood's which are amazing because they look like the authentic, but are wider and have a suede toe. They're black with white laces and look super clean. I actually get a lot of compliments on them. I have a pair ... more »

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That's what I would have thought too, but I guess the angles provide more support.

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Here is a social experiment for you to try. I don't know how you dress when you ride, but go riding wearing grubby jeans and tshirt, just look dirty and salty, stop shaving. Try this for a month and see how often the cops give you crap. Then shave, get ... more »

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This sounds kind of bizarre, but the cops actually don't give you shit as you get older. When I was a teenager the cops were always up my ass for grinding curbs and benches, never have lights, etc. But oddly now that I am in my 30's the cops are super ... more »

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As sad as this may sound, lately I have gotten into those little flick trix bmx toy bikes. I have like 11 of them. We're up to our knees in snow here in Vermont, so no riding for me till spring. I like to take them apart and mix and match parts, it's ... more »

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How about Vans sk8 hi's or the ownes mid to highs, half cabs have crazy thick cushioning around the ankle, but won't support it. If you want super cushioning, get halfcabs, if you want support I would look into wearing a soft brace under your shoe.

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I've heard that 4 piece bars are stronger than 2 piece bars, but it seems to me that if you went down hard enough to bend one you would just as soon bend the other. I never liked 4 piece bars because for some reason companies never put enough backsweep ... more »

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