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If you want big slack salt is not really for you however its a really great hub i never had problem with it expect snaping an axle what was kinda my bad.

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Your mother organized your birthday party you are over 18 so its kinda suck she did it, she invited all of your friends and a lot of big bmx riders she wanted a big suprise also so there is a big birthday cake: nigel sylvester jumpin out naked and doing ... more »

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So everytime you get your dream bike together the local tough come and beat your ass and stole it, its nicole lz putting you in a headlock and adam lz punching you or adam22 but his punches even slower than what he tried to land on augie still hes beating ... more »

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Guys dont go to deep into this i just wanted to do a funny topic, so for now create a bmx related "would you rather, or" question

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Would you rather ride the cheapest stock maffia bike and promote it on instagram as the best bike what you ever rode for 3-4 likes or ride a scooter for the rest of your life

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I hate them but they are usefull i use shin knee pad helmet and ankle guard sometimes. They are all kinda uncomfortable for me especially the ankle guard hurts my ankle more then when i dont wear it but i was tired getting shinners twisting my ankle ... more »

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I like the raifords one had one and got it atm but its wear out fast imo same thing with the dugan one but both of them are feeling good and soft

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After a little research turns out its lifetime guaranteed?!

Waiting on sunday to replie i hope i dont have to involve the distro i bought from cause they are the laziest dumb fucks i ever heard of
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? I would be more than happy to buy new frame every year you can believe me, and i would never whine about this but i feel offended a little here i spent one month salary on this frame and i worked hard for that money and i didnt regret it for sure. ... more »

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I'll definitely write to them and to the distro i got from. After further inspection i found out its cracked on both sides

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I just noticed my sunday broadcaster cracked a bit and its just 2-3 days older than a year what means the guarantee is not existing anymore or does sunday give more then a year on that? Did some of you deal with sunday guarantee? Its not a big crack

... more »

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I never rode one of those completes but i had verde parts what was bad and has sunday parts atm what i really like and would buy again. So i would say sunday complete

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Its not the question but i give another vote for the clutch v2 other than that wtp for sure. I would not really trust an united part to be honest

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I ordered a marana yesterday hope it will work out. I should look into this tying techniques thanks for everyone

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I guess you got 10 mm pegs you need 14 ones for them rear wheels

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Ye there is a lot of topic of this sorry about this but i have a specific problem with my actual shoe. So its kinda new to me but my bigtoe gets destroyed pretty frequently when slipping pedal and i noticed my shoe feels like paper now. I did read all ... more »

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Odyssey, sunday awesome parts awesome riders (i really like all designs on sunday frames) wtp, volume, demolition cause of Denis and probably nobody gona say this but salt you can say its wack but them hubs can get bombed and still work just fine and ... more »

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I just bought the material for an uprail but dont really know what would be the perfect dimension. Any suggestions?

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I rather break my chain than do that however i hate breaking chains really much. it would weaken the chainstay for sure

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I have a fiend process front hub and i really didnt want fiend parts on my bike back then cause i didnt hear good things about them but im really happy that i got it i ride 4 pegs it hold on great spin really great and the hubguards for it are really ... more »