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I watched that hot pink vhs more times than I can remember. As soon as I got it I watched it 3x in a row. A very impressionable 12 yr old me was hooked for life. I haven't seen it in like 8 yrs but remember every single scene. Stoked as well

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I like taking pictures of spots I find

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I've always done em back foot as well. Which led me to learn footjams on qps opposite. I eventually learned em regular with the front foot but I honestly prefer em oppo. Footjams to fakie always use back foot they look better Imo.

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I'm very thankful to have a bmx specific shop in town and I go there frequently as possible to get my shit. Shops will inevitably be a little bit pricey than a large mail-order but it's totally worth it to me on most items because of the things that ... more »

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Currently 28/9 I like it as a comfortable medium but 30/9 is my preference. Being in the mountains it's a bit more comfortable cruising from place to place and Ive been using my bike as transportation lately. But seriously people have some fucked up ... more »

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I mean it had a peace sign cable hanger and bar ends from my first real bike I got at 12 so I'm 28 now.. A long time but I got new frame and forks 2 years ago so it was the same bike I'd had my whole life never gotten a bike stolen before. I was literally ... more »

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Just got my new bike rolling since my t1 was stolen from work. I hate to be pessimistic about it but it doesn't feel like my bike and has taken all the wind out of my sails as far as riding goes. Fucking hate thieves, my luck, life in general lately. ... more »

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My terrible one sfa was stolen a month or so ago so tack on a solid Thunderbird to my original post. Glad someone liked this thread enough to bring it back

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I've seen every scenario that comes from a crash like this from cops, fights, hugs, threats, to ambulances. let me just say that this is the risk of entering a public place built for these activities and anyone who is knowingly there participating is ... more »

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Maybe from a parent or someone that matters but let me tell you that the older you get the less you care about anything someone once said to you. I don't even remember what made me fight people bitd. Real talk tho just ignore that bs and ride kid. Fuck ... more »

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I just got a ridgid 3 way foldout led floodlight that runs for like 10+ hours on a 20v drill battery and also has an attachment for plugging into your car port for like 135.99. I too get off work super late and don't enjoy baking in the sun so I wanted ... more »

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I'm a heavy equipment operator for a asphalt paving /maintenance company. We do demolition and excavate in the winter for off season. It's hard work but I don't have many options because of my record so I deal

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I really like this thread good idea. Man that volume dinosaur was ahead of its time as far as how simple it is, everything else around then was way overbuilt case in point the 2hip pork underneath it haha

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Yah I seem to remember a time when I could just go pick up a t1 product from the shop like any other brand. And I feel you on the innovation thing, if you think t1 isn't innovative or something, but anything new I try is innovative to me. I think they ... more »

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Definitely this. I'm a long time t1 fan and since my last sfa I had been hunting for one for years not second hand and without pre-order and it wasn't even possible. If a company is moving so completely through all pre-orders it's safe to say that their ... more »

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Little gem I found cruising the other night. Wanna ride it when that van is moved
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Couple little things. New t1 hat, s&m trackmark tires, tubes for $75. Gotta love when the lbs shows love back

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I don't care what these fools say cuz they're missing pretty much every rider that matters to me. No crandall, Brian foster, Taj,ruben.. Etc.. Etc

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I went from 21.15 to a 20.75 and it made a little difference for about 3 days and then I didn't notice. It wasn't that drastic but I caught my thigh on some x ups and barspins. I went to a 21 with a shorter 48mm stem and all was right in the world. I ... more »