ok, well i just got a bmx bike, im too old to start now, but i figured what the hell, ill regret not trying when im older or whatever. so yeah, got this bike, messed up my knee, and now im just getting parts for it to get some stock parts off of my bike. its an eastern jane '09 and pretty fricken sweet. just started riding last week. attending college so i cant ride all the time, but i do as much as possible with a knee brace...friends tell me i should go see doc....buuut, riding for now is what ill do. taught myself how to hop in 2 days, can hop up...uhhh over 2 feet now onto things like weird 2 foot wall things next to art buildings. and yeah learning how to grind, too cheap to buy hub guards so im using lemon head packages with tape. aand yeah. just riding in general is fun other than the knee.

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