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Anybody got any good ideas theres nothing to hit on the bb shell cos its flush

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danieldeth's Subrosa
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danieldeth's Subrosa
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Have you been able to get it out yet because this has happened to mine exactly the same just the outta ring of the bb is stuck and ive been trying different methods all day and still no luck.

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mmmmm trails

yoo, you from loughborough?

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I use Crucial bmx, The source and alans there about the best.

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I have a Twombolt and it is the strongest ive ever had and the cluster wedge problem has happened to mine but its only the elastic band that snaps as long as you have the pieces its fine ive been riding mine without the band and it holds fine. Never ... more »

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yeah thanks for the advice guys oh and gstring its because i wanted an all purple wheel and i couldnt get the vandaro in purple.

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I have just bought a proper magnalite with a female hub and i just wonderede if anyone has had any problems with them? Anything i should steer clear of, and whats the use of pegs like with them, thanks for your help.

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Looks sweet.

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Ahh cool thanks alot some of them i knew already but ill check em anyways, cheers people.

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Anyone know of any bmx websites that sell quite alot of things with good delivery and that besides alansbmx or the source, except winstanleys because they never have anything in stock, also would prefer english sites, any help would be great thanks.

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Yeah, that happened to me too i ordered the same frame but in black but they didnt have it so i got white, i think white looks better tho now, and yeah sure ill post been riding it for a few days not had a problem yet. put some pics up of how the custom ... more »