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A buddy of mine has an ATF, and the clear starts to flake after a little time. Just be mindful of that.

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Go faster and move your landing back. Also if you are new to it, you will need to practice to get more air. Speed helps a lot though. Bonus points for the Backtrail!

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Are you watching online or are you in Minnesota? I live an hour and change from the stadium but due to baby# 2 being ready to go any day now I won't be there this year.

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No need to train for brakeless. If it's what you wanna do, just pop em off and go for it.

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One finger for manuals and casual riding and slowdowns, 2 for fufanus and abubacas and tire taps.

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If you struggle to lift your bike, a little wouldn't hurt. Learning the techniques would help the most. Also doing a little bit of some type of tumbling or even gymnastics might help-you can learn to fall better.

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My son spent 11 days in the NICU in 2014-without insurance I would have been out around 120K. He was in an isolette, had a CPAP for like 3 days and a cannula for about 2. The rest he sat in there and had Bili lights (which they have home versions on ... more »

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Cory Martinez has a setup like that too. I think Steve Crandall might as well. I would suggest getting ahold of a welder/fabrication shop and asking them what they might suggest as you need it to be sturdy.

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I have sent 0 clips, and my second son will be here next week. IF I can pull of a session that I can film, I will send a few things over. We shall see.

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Make sure to watch the ratio though-if you hit 44/16 you essentially match the ratio of 25/9. You could do 35/9 and end up almost the same as 47/12, but still get the slight weight and clearance savings with smaller gearing. Personally I would start ... more »

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Did you dunk it? If not, don't be too worried, but make sure to clean it properly next time. I use a rag and windex for the main parts, degreaser for the chain and then fresh lubricant.

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Fit has their own distributor with S&M bikes. I would guess about a week or so to get it. I work in a shop and when we have ordered from Fit the item came in about a week after ordering-keep in mind the shop I work for has like 25 stores and a central ... more »

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Personally I don't count skatepark rails as handrails, BUT I would say if you hit that, you should have ZERO issue hitting a rail that is not a skatepark. For the record there is a rail near me that is like barely knee high, on 4 stairs and barely long ... more »

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If that's the case, I would try to catch him on film doing it and get it to his supervisors. That's pathetic if it is true. If you are riding only for others, that is not a good reason. If you enjoy it, keep doing it. You will get better if you ride ... more »

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This technically, but just throw em, and then learn em both ways and you don't need to worry.

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Longer rear end, narrower tires (maybe 2.1 at the widest) with smooth tread. Then it is up to you.

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Darn kids and their music... But yea. If they are there to use it for roughly what the intended purpose is, have at it. If not, get out. My favorite has been "No bikes allowed, you gotta go", but they are smoking, drinking, and not wearing helmets etc ... more »

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This. I am more motivated to shake off the cobwebs on stuff when I have a good session with homies VS when I ride solo. Although if I am on a filming mission that can motivate me some too.

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Send the serial number to Diamondback via email and they can help you with that.