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I don't have all the details, but the rumors shooting around are that they were buying stuff from companies on essentially credit, then selling it and not paying them back, selling stuff they could not get and not fulfilling or fixing orders for customers, ... more »

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It's a work in progress getting this area how I want it. So far I was able to get the countertop on the two sets of drawers, I have another sink vanity I will be adding to this area potentially (easy and free way to get a cabinet setup for ... more »
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This would be great, however the socket drive is something like a 24mm or so, so a typical spline drive would not be bored out big enough unfortunately. Tim actually drove the struggle bus on finding a socket drive adapter recently.

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They have a few different things, Company is based in Mexico if I recall correctly. Their peg/hubguard combo is pretty neat.

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Guessing you don't know about Steve's brand? He had sprockets made and sold them at little to no profit to give back to BMX. The goal was to break even. Seems that is a LOTmore than most people harassing him have done for BMX. We can all have our opinions ... more »

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Right handed, left foot forward and spin to the right. Put me on a skateboard or scooter and I am right foot forward and spin left. Do whatever works for you.

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I ran one for like 5 years, and an Interlock V1 for about the same. I cleaned it about every month or two and relubed it. That's all. Never snapped on me.

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I used to ride tiny bars-24ish wide and maybe 7.5 tall. Now I ride 9s on the same topload stem I have had for like 13 years.

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I moved a month or so ago and have just gotten workbench components (my dad had a couple sink vanities and a countertop that I will be assembling this weekend.) Currently it is straight up chaos with tools in boxes and stuff scattered. SO if I recall ... more »

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Agreed. I did that (thanks again Steve-the sprocket is still going strong and still looks MINT). You will need more chain for sure. Make sure you upgrade from whatever your current chain is.

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I've got a set of Animal TWWs. So far they aren't bad, but I haven't touched much dirt. Best I ever ran for all around locally was Demolition Momentums-even on local dirt they were good. Outside of that, Odyssey Paths were nice. Next set will be tanwall ... more »

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"My closest bike shop is 45 mins North of me and doesn't cater to BMX, only multi-thousand dollar road and MTBs. When I asked about BMX they kinda chuckled and said we don't do much bmx." This is a common thought, and my response is "why not help them ... more »

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We won't be able to ID with just a serial number. Do you have photos of the frame? Any idea of brand or model at all?

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You waited 8 minutes. Try emailing before you trash it. Might even score a crash replacement if they won't warranty it (if you use nice words like "I am wondering if there is anything that can be done" etc instead of "dis frames f-ed. Gimme a new one ... more »

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I know whenever I did sprocket grinds, stalls and crankarm grinds I wouldn't hit where those brakes are. I did my non-drive crank arm for grinds etc (and it wasn't the style done today-mine was on the arm, not the little spot between crank arm and pedal-think ... more »

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I have an Odyssey Flatland fork from like 08 that has about 16 MM rake. Might toss it back on for front stopper action!

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I have been running Animal TWW tires for a while. They are a smooth tread for street though. Not super grippy on dirt.

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We are supposed to get snow this weekend. Wednesday looks to be my only chance to even ride. Bummer about the snow as the local NEW skatepark is part way through being built...might not even get to toss some tire marks on it til spring.

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I'd say it is time to go in and have a legit doctor look at it.

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I would wait until you get there, see if any shops offer a rental and try one before you dive into that world. Pretty much all brands that offer legit bikes would be have a solid fit for the trails, but local to that area shops are your best bet for ... more »