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Photos etc would help showing dropouts, headtube, BB area any markings and any gussets etc as there is not really a database for serial numbers. If it is older (as in a decade + or older), bmx museum would be a solid help.

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Trailboss is my go to, but Mirra 2 will has always been one of the best out there. Hoping that some of these "in development" games and/or BMX PIPE make it to the Switch.

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Check out some snowboarding gloves too-Dakine (not sure if they even exist anymore) had some really good full-finger gloves for snowboarding that were well insulated etc, but also thin enough to grip well. Otherwise check out some winter commuting type ... more »

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Measure a bearing. If the bearing is 3/4 of the way in or more, I would bet it will be ok. Grease the bearings and the frame where they sit before you install them.

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Clean it before you assemble it more though.

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Agreed. Just gotta send it (to some extent) if it is something you had before.

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Just dealt with a 5 day blizzard. Gonna be a while before I get out on a bike. ALTHOUGH if we get some warmer days I have decided I will take my snowblower and a shovel out to the local free park and clear it off.

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48's were rad, but unnecessary weight etc for most riders. If you are landing sideways all day long and trying whips and slamming your wheel sideways on the ground, then yea, you would want 48s. Although a well built set of 36's would take that and likely ... more »

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My guess is that MANY parents just toss computers/tablets/phones/video games etc at kids and don't monitor what their kids are up to on those devices, so they can get away with a LOT more. The internet became SO MUCH more popular with Youtube, Vimeo ... more »

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Honestly I have been at it the last 20 years, and noticed the things I listed hit SO MUCH more in the last decade VS the first decade.

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I think the lack of individuality is something that is lacking these days. Everyone dresses the same, sets their bikes up the same, rides the same and acts the same. The internet is good and bad for BMX too. Good for getting footage out, and seeing footage/content ... more »

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This is rad of you! (Personally I would snag up a couple tubes or something with it if I was in your shoes). I did not use it, but it is winter and I don't need anything currently.

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So this thread/poll happens, and I'm the one who can't let it go? Guess I struck a nerve with my logic, huh?

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There's no "fact" in your opinion on what BMX bikes are designed for, because, after all, you do not speak for the people who came up with BMX bikes, nor were you a part their original design, and you don't design them currently. FACT. People have been ... more »

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I was in my first serious year of riding and did manual (pull up as the kids call em now) barspins all over the place. Hit a dirt table and hucked em. Had em consistent pretty fast.

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Never said that I am some sort of "hero", don't believe that in the least. I just called you out for being a self-righteous douche canoe about bikes having specific purposes and implying that there is no wiggle room on it, which is clearly your belief ... more »

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This. Seems to be a bit of a hodge-podge of random stuff.

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Took me about 6 years to get one with trying a lot. I am convinced that knowing someone who can do them would help a ton, OR having videos of yourself trying em to watch would help figure them out, also youtube how to's. I learned em before that was ... more »

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This. A lot of younger kids/teenagers see them as looking stupid, but in all fairness if THAT is your worry, you already look stupid wearing beanies, super tight pants and all black when it is like 95 Freedom Units outside. One solid tap to the dome ... more »

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Colorado has a ton of concrete and dirt jump parks, plus some solid singletrack (per a couple guys I know that left MN to live there). I've heard WA is pretty solid too. Many states have tons of stuff, it all depends on how far you want to travel to ... more »