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I prefer silent cassettes and clicking in my coaster. JK, doesn't matter. Functional according to what it is.

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Get it put in, sell the hub and buy the LHD shadow hub a local to me has for 50 bucks.

Added reply in a thread Unknown frames worth it? 12/4/2018 10:33 AM This is where I go (locally of course). They take a little blood out, spin the plasma out, and put the blood back with a little saline. Takes around an hour at a time. Hit me up if you want a referral that will possible hook you up with ... more »

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Or...and hear me out...not enough times.

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My buddy Kyle (Ifufanu on here I think) has been doing those and I think hang 5 tooth hangovers for a couple years. They are rad.

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I've never had it and haven't welded for over a decade for a job, BUT I would suggest contacting the HR team from your work and see if they can get you a respirator. Also you might be able to go down the path of some workers comp if it can be proven ... more »

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Come up here and get a job where I work-decent $ and decent cost of living. Plus I'm rad. Negative-Winter SUUUUCKS

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I'd guess a similar manner to the Ezra coaster BUT instead of forward pedal movement catching due to the slack disc design (that essentially put the pawls up to catch), this setup has a mechanism to force it to either roll forward or have the guts cranked

... more »
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I probably have something, lemme check when home tonight

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Yep. Pretty much have to unless I drive 65ish miles and pay 15 + bucks to ride for a bit. Plus, it's usually a parking ramp or in front of my house.

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Ok, I know you're just being a smartass, but man...I would LOVE to see more people running even SOME of that stuff. Front and back brakes are a blast. I don't think I will go back to not having them. I ran about a year and a half without, after running ... more »

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I am Dave Lawrence...did you quote the wrong person? And I am aware that it doesn't matter how you ride, just THAT you ride. Do what you want, but don't be a butthole to others who do something different. If you call out someone for being different, ... more »

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Actually it CAN give you confidence to huck it for real. If you have no idea how to fire out a trick that could get you seriously hurt-tossing it into the foam a handful of times will help you learn the mechanics of the trick, to then huck on a flyout ... more »

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I bought a 12 dollar tripod on amazon and use that for my self filmed sessions.

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This logic tells me you have 4 pegs, a gyro, a coaster and a front brake. Am I right? "if you don't run (insert any part here) you're limiting yourself." Not even close to true actually-and I would bet most people questioning things like "why no pegs" ... more »

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Been riding legitimately since Spring of '99-I was 13. I jumped a bunch with buddies before that, but it was a boredom killer back then, and no tricks besides wheelies. I'm slower, stay lower, and the goal is to not get hurt these days. I hit 33 in 2 ... more »

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13 chainstay? Pshhh. I rocked 108s with a 14" CS on my Failure Grade 1. My redline Supa X was about that too, and that one I rocked 44/16 until the smaller drivetrain craze kicked off. Ironically I BLASTED my chain ALL the time, never snapped it. Go ... more »