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Back when I wasn't running dual uppers I would use electrical tape on the splitter part. Hold it to the bar and wrap it up.

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Same, I LOSE it when I hear that one. His deal about Steven Segall is also FANTASTIC.

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I look for decent reviews and what I like at that time, ALSO I try to make sure it isn't a clone of every locals bike. I like to have something less common.

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This. Post up a video for some critiquing. We can only take what you say is happening as accurate, and sometimes your viewpoint is skewed.

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I have Grandstand PCs and some Osiris shoes and rarely have an issue.

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Cranmers, and sometimes Spencer's or Jay Dalton's dealio. Otherwise I don't really pay attention to that stuff.

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Ballpark 1000 to 1500ish MSRP. I got a lot used or through the shop I part timed at for cost. Frame was DIRT cheap that way.

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My Demolition Zeros are awesome. Underrated in my book. I'm on a secondhand set. No issues aside from impact scratches from grinds. Had a set of red ones before the current set, awesome. I know a guy running the Black Chrome set from about 13 years ago, ... more »

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This one was done up and Odyssey used it in an ad for Electronical. ... more »
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Call them up and ask them what kind of lead time?

Added reply in a thread V Bars, why do so few manufacturers make them? 7/6/2020 4:43 AM

Nowear has em. In the US. Scroll down to Hard Parts and check out Candy Bars and Street Treats.

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Was it him or someone else who yelled it? Either way, kid's a champ for going for it. Honestly he has more skill than some of the smack talkers I see online...

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Explain why I have about 13-14 years with a stem without a SINGLE bar slip? I've had around 4-5 sets of bars on this stem. I briefly ran a couple others, came back to this one. No slips on a Profile Acoustic or Demolition front load either. Perhaps it ... more »

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Check your local track out-sometimes they have loaner bikes you can borrow or rent for a day-we did that for my son one year. I also know locally, depending on the amount of riders for your age group, you might get tossed in with people on cruisers etc. ... more »

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You can ride it BUT you might have more flats from any flex that develops or sharp spots. As to brakes, it will chew the pads a tiny bit more. Source: I have ridden pinned seam rims that did that exact thing.

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Go 4.5 foot if you want to be able to peg stall without basically laying the bike on it's side or making it super hard to ride.

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I only huck myself when I am pissed off, and it helped me learn some things. One was flyout 540s. I got em figured out cause I was angry and didn't care about getting hurt, so I BLASTED out of this weird berm thing and cranked a ton of em. Curt you are ... more »

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Contact local to that area bike shops and distributors to see if they are able/willing to donate anything. Contact BMX companies and brands as well (a local shop might have a good list of options). Then send them an email (with a flyer for the event) ... more »

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I thought I recall seeing that Aitken didn't have one on. Cranmer did, BUT the injury was more to his neck and slamming his head down. A helmet is designed to take the brunt of the impact and spread it out so it does less damage to you. They don't necessarily ... more »

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People also like progression. Scotty's videos show a ton of it. The best part is many of the tricks they show are first time pulled etc-as in they are sketchy landings, some crashes etc, but they are all clearly having a good time. It's real riding. ... more »