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I learned manual bars on flat ground, then did my first one in air on a dirt table.

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This is legit a fantastic comment. Kudos sir. I hope things turn around as well, even if he is a bit of a twatwaffle. But it is all him. It's pretty clear he is afraid to fail, rendering him unwilling to try. At this point he would rather live in the ... more »

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"Crank arm" size. Yep, that's what this is about.

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Well, the .125 to .4 is a bit more than 1/4 inch-I would just inflate slowly if you can.

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Literally none of that was funny.

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There's nothing to "not get". We get it. Your life is somehow worse than everyone who has existed, ever. Doesn't matter what they deal with, yours is worse. Right? A guy could be torn limb from limb one joint at a time, and you would find a way to claim ... more »

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Well, you say schooling is out? I call BS. I have family who dropped out in about 7th grade and just went into the workforce. At 47 they got their GED. Now they make like 60K a year working in a factory. Youtube has tons of resources you could use to ... more »

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Why are you making BS excuses? Seriously. "My life is so bad you couldn't handle it, but I REFUSE to even try to change it, or really divulge any info on why it is bad so others might offer suggestions". How you consistently react tells me you are either ... more »

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They give you the idea/logistics of a lot of tricks with something that is about 1/3 the weight of a BMX. Trampoline bikes can help in some ways too.

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Roided out rich kids? Have you seen literally 99% of the riders who are in LA? Most of them are 145 lbs soaking wet, they smoke a ton of weed, and they crash on couches, live 5 dudes to a 2 bedroom apt and work minimum wage jobs to survive. Look at Kareem ... more »

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Guy is apparently within 3 inches of the world record for any kind of bicycle, and the guy who did it was on a trials bike 7/29/2017 in the UK. His name is Rick Koekoek and he hopped 4 ft 9.08 inches.

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I mean in all fairness, to ride street you get on your bike and go ride around. I suggest a helmet, but I'm not a cop. Just don't whine if you wreck yourself. That's it. You don't need to be able to do special "street" tricks or anything. Just go tinker ... more »

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There was an interview with DMC about CTE and Mirra, and the discussion about CTE and what went down was really interesting. Seems that CTE might not have been the only thing going on/totally accurate for the ultimate cause leading to Mirra's death. ... more »

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That sucks man. Fortunately it happened most of the way through summer, and you likely will be back to walking etc with some decent weather yet. Start tinkering with photography? Once you can walk ok, go hiking or something? Get a road bike for knee ... more »

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Almost all of the friends I have made in the last 20 years are due to riding. As to meeting new people at the park, you totally can and will. If your former homies are a bunch of thugs etc, tell em you aren't about that lifestyle. If they cannot respect ... more »

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"Put you down"...curious what that means...taser? Shot? Tackled? I would hope at MOST, the last one (tackled). But ultimately, running from police is stupid. I've had one encounter that was bad locally (long story), otherwise they tend to be like "Look ... more »

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Old thread, but I have the Little Devil Headtube Badge, a Demolition sticker, and the stock ones on my setup. Might toss a couple more on, but might not. I gotta get The Grey stickers put on something...I think one will make it onto my road bike.

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I am still learning tricks and stuff after 20 years. No joke, TWENTY. That's part of the fun. If you are upset you aren't super good after 8 weeks of tinkering and want to quit, that's on you. You cannot expect to be really good at something in a short ... more »

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Last weigh in I was in the 270-280 ballpark at 6 feet. I haven't ridden much lately (moved to a new house a couple days ago) but I plan to get back on it. Crappy diet hasn't helped, nor has my desk job.

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Correct. They will either be 1/2 inch (if the bike has one piece cranks:

OR 9/16ths if 3 piece cranks: ... more »