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Both are fun in their own ways. Pet peeve: Freecoaster rider who claims they loves the silence, but then their bike is super janky and sounds like you dropped a bag full of coins on the ground every time they land.

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I already commented about these things, but here is the old Twilight frame back, with the Primo forks. The guy has a hook up on powdercoating, so he did both in black a while back.

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I'm super pissed that it didn't happen in Minneapolis 2020. I wanted to go. I had stuff happening each year prior so I was never able to make it.. Dammit. Stupid Covid. Took mah X games, took mah Ozzy/Megadeth show...took mah FREEDUMS. DAMN YOU COVID. ... more »

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The exceptions to this is if you are attempting to work out the 360 to hang 5 Brian Vowell did, or his Bar to hang 5 up a step up hip. Or really anything Tom Stretton did. Guy was a WIZARD with hang 5s.

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Also hit up Tim's online shop-he's rad to work with, and ships quickly-transparent about any issues that may arise and/or any blemishes etc on whatever you are interested in. I won't hesitate to snag stuff up when the cash is in my hands and I need something. ... more »

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Hold it for too long and it'll cause ED.

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Too obvious in my mind. A buddy has a sprocket with a chain wrapping around his forearm.

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Yep, and wheels will ship 4/30 if I saw correctly.

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Ryan Nyquist brakeless with a coaster, riding a GT. Honestly I have been pushing this idea as a contest. Put riders on bikes that are the opposite of their normal (brakes VS not, coaster VS not etc) and on terrain they don't tend to ride normally. I'd ... more »

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If that 10 decades/ century doesn't become a legit move I will disappointed in all of BMX.

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Wasn't me. Either way this is rolling up on 14 years old.

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If it makes you feel any better, I've been riding 21 years and can barely air on a good day. I never took the time to get comfortable with it.

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This is accurate. I have 0. I think if my initials were LD I would do the logo for sure. I've always wanted a bike-related tattoo, but now I am into all kinds of bikes, so what do I pick? I'm kinda stuck honestly.

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Reminds me of the frog from Frog And Toad books I had as a kid:

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That looks like an "I under/over rotated a spin or botched a whip attempt too many times" crack. You could drill a small hole on either end, then weld it up and get a little more life out of it, but it is new frame time ASAP.

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180 bar out of the bowl at the concrete park in St. Cloud MN:

Took the uncropped version and turned it into a cartoon kinda: ... more »
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I got a replacement rear hubguard-picked up an Eclat Servo. First chromoly guard. So far, the 2-3 grinds I did were good. Also got my old Federal Twilight frame back, plus a set of Primo forks. I plan to build it up as cheaply as I can for my oldest ... more »

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I rode the concrete park about 25 miles from my home last week, for about 10 minutes. It was super windy and cold. Planning to go back this week.

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dave lawrence

My guess is small competitor list, everyone has their own "rest" spot around the course, only a couple riders at a time on the course, masks likely needed for riding (unless outside, but maybe even then). I could also see a vaccine requirement early into having events like this. Probably few to no spectators too.

At the very least it is a good thing to see events starting to be looked into, even if they are not the same as they once were.

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130 miles to the East is the Nowear Compound-a free, indoor and outdoor spot with ramps, trails and so on.