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Maybe it's cause it is before 6 am and I am at work, or that I am running on like 4 hours sleep in the last 36 hours...but Laird welds the Mongoose teams' this becomes WAY funnier as a result.

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I'm rocking front stoppers on an Odyssey Flatland fork that is about 12 years old. Good times.

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What I take from this is, he never gave them permission TO use his likeness, but their argument is that he never said they couldn't, so they did. Him being an employee of the brands for a while makes it tough too.

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Yes, and the ER doc who had been doing his job for like 20+ years said it was the worst he had ever seen, I recall he called it a grade 5 (this was also 2004-so things might have been ranked differently). No surgery ever on it. I was stupid and figured ... more »

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Where are you moving to?

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I had a powdercoated frame and I used paint stripper on it, took it off in 3 coats. Came off kinda like how plasti-dip does-more peeling than anything, but it did bubble etc. BUT it was a lot more work than typical paint. I would be cautious on oven ... more »

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I mean...this is how many companies do business in most industries, especially grocery stores. They see what is selling fast, then slowly bump pricing up a bit over the normal cost, then "mark it down" some, generating a need based on the discount. People ... more »

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Keep Bleeding is mike Escamilla (rooftop) talking with rad people. It's got like 6 episodes so far.

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Those are some decent V brakes! I would bet they have another piece that hooks into one side (more like a traditional linear pull).

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The guys you mentioned look at things differently than most riders. They see a ledge and their first thought is not to feeble it. (no pegs helps that some) Honestly the most creative riders come from places that didn't have much to ride. Erik Elstran ... more »

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Nope. I just ride when I can and have as much fun as I can. In my experience, time on the bike unhappy/bored/forced is time that you won't get much done. The most structured I get is either working back up to stuff I used to do all the time (2 kids, ... more »

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Was that the kid who was gonna make his own brand called "light bike co" or whatever?

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I would honestly contact your local city parks and rec people (as they set the rules) to confirm if it is valid-guessing it is NOT. We had some skaters try to pull the same thing at a bikes allowed park back in the day. We put pegs through their sign. ... more »

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Actually... But seriously, no one said WD40 (the water displacer) was a lubricant. The OP mentioned using it to clean the chain. I use brake cleaner when at home, or a parts washer when working at the shop. Then fully dry, then dry chain lube on the BMX. ... more »

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Try some long socks between you and the shin pads, after the rash is gone. Could be a developed allergy-my son never had an issue, and now has one with Gain. Could be a change in the formula at the company.

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Minnesota here, I feel your pain. We are about to get another foot or so of snow. Haven't ridden my BMX since like October. Haven't ridden any bikes really since then. Hoping for an early spring.

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You might have an allergy to the shin guards or the detergent you used on them. I soak mine in dawn dishsoap in a tub for a while, then rinse them THOROUGHLY, and have never had an issue.

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None of us (as far as I know) are dental experts, but I would bet they could do some sort of dental implant in place of the crown/filling, but those require drilling of the jawbone etc-more involved and expensive.

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Check local facebook groups-I've seen and sold stuff REALLY cheap. I just sold an Odyssey MDS for 10 bucks like 2 weeks ago.

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I have had the same set of Alloy Shadow bar ends for like 12 years. No sharp spots, and they have followed every bike/bar setup I have had since I got em. Definitely got my 13 bucks out of em.