Added reply in a thread Anyone else legs look like this after trying learn barspins 3/3/2020 4:20 AM

No because I could pinch the seat with my knees and wore/wear kneepads and shin guards whenever I get rowdy on a BMX.

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I've helped people ship frames via like UPS, it was around 20 bucks, but that was also a decade ago. You could look into they use ups or fedex, but get deals based on the volume of bikes etc shipped. Sent a Specialized Dolce road bike from MN ... more »

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I am disappointed with how unappreciated this comment was. Fantastic.

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My stem is from around 2006-bars have never slipped. Been through like 6 sets of bars that I changed out because I wanted to/for taller etc. Sand out any paint etc from the clamping area and CAREFULLY, using a box cutter, etch grooves that run side to ... more »

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Dry pavement ideally, I avoid puddles etc. BUT I will rip through damp pavement if I am already out-just tend to be more careful.

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Work hard, learn 540s and bar to disaster, then act like you can't until he 1 ups you, then WRECK him. I've done that in the past. Good times.

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I didn't...but now I might. Downside is all the little kids wanting free food/beverages. Call me whatever, but I don't want to feed someone's kids if I don't know them.

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Ryan Nyquist grinds right primarily, is left foot forward, but he spins left more commonly. He runs 4 pegs often, and front brakes. Ultimately, just ride and have fun.

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So does that Brant Moore dude who seems to be pretty pumped on it.

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Bikes are dumb now. We all wear Heelys and Soap shoes competetively.

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If I were not married with kids, I would be ALL OVER THIS.

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I'd turn it into a bike that is different than the main bike. IE if you ride only street etc, make a flatland or trails bike. But that's me. If it is midschool, you won't get much for it most likely.

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The fact that everyone quoted the chain of posts rather than the last post, so we saw it like 6 times

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I'd be down for real this time, cause we might actually have warmer weather by then, plus I can dig out some front brake moves.

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Nope, I left like two years ago. Bikes are dumb. I ride heelies now.

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I'm sad that there is a part of your statement I agree with. The "go out and have fun on your bike and get good" part. But I will say that tutorials CAN help a little-at least in a technique way. Also filming yourself fail to get away from what you are ... more »

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The only maintenance I do on my brakes is initial setup. Then it is rare unless I have new cables-cause new cables tend to stretch a bit.

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Local track has TONS of people who change both the cassette cog AND the chainrings on the crank to optimize their speed/acceleration, based on how it rides during practice before the races. As to more options, it's honestly about the same. FW has around ... more »

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Tom Haugen has been running one since the late 90s, even when he was on other brands. I saw he was looking for a couple a few years back to keep running them because of the durability.