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Chances are good they took the HOLIDAY off, like most workplaces, especially those who are privately owned like that shop. You mentioned it possibly being loose which could trash a 3/8ths axle and nuts if ridden hard, but then casually mentioned a 10 ... more »

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Does it happen under a sit-down pedal/very light pressure or just when cranking hard? (I know, BMX bike are "not designed for that"

) My old MDS did the same thing to the original owner, then me when I was on a Shadow Interlock 2 (they have ... more »
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I ran into that back in the day, and got the Primo set for like 12 bucks USD. Worked perfectly. But now I have a Demolition Rogue hub.

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At my heaviest I was nearly 300lbs. I have Demolition Zero rims and they are FANTASTIC. Never had an issue.

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I watch Cranmer's channel, occasionally Spencer's and Jay Daltons. Once in a while I have watched a Ryan Williams video or two as well. I don't spend much time on these, usually when I am donating plasma I watch stuff.

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I have it sitting in a tub, unused. Also have Hoffman 2, Mirra 2 and even Mirra Maximum Remix (Mirra 1 with a couple new levels and riders).

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The rider. Bikes don't go to highschool, and most of the bmx kids I have met in the last 5 years are too stupid to graduate.

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They are fun, I did like a bajillion barspins and whips on em. But in no way are they the same as a regular bike. Just another fun thing to do. I want to and plan to eventually build up another one.

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Your budget would allow for a custom setup from Lairdframe-or possibly Standard IF You wanted to go that route.

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Change your bike setup a bit-take pegs off if you have em, or add em if you don't. Try riding it differently-as in if you only grind stuff, try doing air tricks or even some flatland stuff.

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That's a VFR, bloghogs would probably know, but I would guess mid to late 90s. You could email GT (they own/owned Dyno) and they might be able to help if you give em the serial number.

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Photos etc would help showing dropouts, headtube, BB area any markings and any gussets etc as there is not really a database for serial numbers. If it is older (as in a decade + or older), bmx museum would be a solid help.

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Trailboss is my go to, but Mirra 2 has always been one of the best out there. Hoping that some of these "in development" games and/or BMX PIPE make it to the Switch.

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Check out some snowboarding gloves too-Dakine (not sure if they even exist anymore) had some really good full-finger gloves for snowboarding that were well insulated etc, but also thin enough to grip well. Otherwise check out some winter commuting type ... more »

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Measure a bearing. If the bearing is 3/4 of the way in or more, I would bet it will be ok. Grease the bearings and the frame where they sit before you install them.

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Clean it before you assemble it more though.

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Agreed. Just gotta send it (to some extent) if it is something you had before.

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Just dealt with a 5 day blizzard. Gonna be a while before I get out on a bike. ALTHOUGH if we get some warmer days I have decided I will take my snowblower and a shovel out to the local free park and clear it off.

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48's were rad, but unnecessary weight etc for most riders. If you are landing sideways all day long and trying whips and slamming your wheel sideways on the ground, then yea, you would want 48s. Although a well built set of 36's would take that and likely ... more »

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My guess is that MANY parents just toss computers/tablets/phones/video games etc at kids and don't monitor what their kids are up to on those devices, so they can get away with a LOT more. The internet became SO MUCH more popular with Youtube, Vimeo ... more »