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I was in my first serious year of riding and did manual (pull up as the kids call em now) barspins all over the place. Hit a dirt table and hucked em. Had em consistent pretty fast.

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Never said that I am some sort of "hero", don't believe that in the least. I just called you out for being a self-righteous douche canoe about bikes having specific purposes and implying that there is no wiggle room on it, which is clearly your belief ... more »

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This. Seems to be a bit of a hodge-podge of random stuff.

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Took me about 6 years to get one with trying a lot. I am convinced that knowing someone who can do them would help a ton, OR having videos of yourself trying em to watch would help figure them out, also youtube how to's. I learned em before that was ... more »

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This. A lot of younger kids/teenagers see them as looking stupid, but in all fairness if THAT is your worry, you already look stupid wearing beanies, super tight pants and all black when it is like 95 Freedom Units outside. One solid tap to the dome ... more »

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Colorado has a ton of concrete and dirt jump parks, plus some solid singletrack (per a couple guys I know that left MN to live there). I've heard WA is pretty solid too. Many states have tons of stuff, it all depends on how far you want to travel to ... more »

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My oldest got his for his first birthday (strider brand), and as soon as he was walking we were letting him check it out inside the house. He hit about 18 months and was outside riding with me. We got him a helmet and I wore (and still wear) mine 100% ... more »

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This. I am always nervous to toss the bars these days, but 180 bars and bar to tire tap are second nature.

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100%. I am aware of who I am. I'm cool with it. "You took my comment the wrong way and proceeded to nit pick every detail and bit of grammar but I'm an asshole. Fuck you Dave." Please explain how that statement can be "taken incorrectly"? There is no ... more »

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You could CAREFULLY pedal a bit forward, allowing the hub to engage, then back pedal with it, and reset, just like how you can when a coaster catches. The internals from a typical (KHE STYLE) coaster and a coaster brake are very similar.

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There are a bunch of Dirt Jumper specific facebook pages for info and selling/buying.

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Foot plant over em. That ALWAYS helped me get through the block of a spine. OR if you have brakes, tire tap over.

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Also make sure you are using the CORRECT SIZE allen/hex wrench. Usually any non-american made stems you will have 6MM bolts.

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Took my oldest out for a 2.25 mile cruise yesterday and rode the BMX. It was chilly, I haven't ridden that bike much in months, and did 2 manuals and that was it.

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Actually, if you connect it to a debit card, you can typically dispute it with your bank, and they tend to refund if you do.

BUT I would use a trusted means of payment, as in buy ONLY LOCAL so you can see it before you buy it, and make sure ... more »
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They did a showing at a park about 2 hours from me. Sadly it was on a Wednesday at like 8 PM, so I couldn't make it. I have heard really good things!

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Interesting, I never really had that issue with the few different coasters I have had-but that doesn't mean others wouldn't. Solid advice for those having trouble!

Added reply in a thread Shipping Question 11/18/2019 4:14 AM They ship bikes typically for about 50-75% of the cost that just UPS or Fedex have, because they send SO many bikes for people-they get better rates. I used them to send my wife's road bike years ago. Fedex quoted 145 bucks, they shipped it ... more »

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This. GT was THE brand to have for a long time (mainly based on volume of sales-every shop had them), then they had some trouble, sold the brand to the same company that sold Pacific brand bikes (Walmart) and for a little bit you would find the EXACT ... more »

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28/9 and a 21.25 top tube. 6 feet tall, longer torso shorter legs.