Added reply in a thread Favourite Bmx Youtube Channel. 7/6/2020 5:01 AM

Cranmers, and sometimes Spencer's or Jay Dalton's dealio. Otherwise I don't really pay attention to that stuff.

Added reply in a thread How Much $$ in Your Build? 7/6/2020 5:00 AM

Ballpark 1000 to 1500ish MSRP. I got a lot used or through the shop I part timed at for cost. Frame was DIRT cheap that way.

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My Demolition Zeros are awesome. Underrated in my book. I'm on a secondhand set. No issues aside from impact scratches from grinds. Had a set of red ones before the current set, awesome. I know a guy running the Black Chrome set from about 13 years ago, ... more »

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This one was done up and Odyssey used it in an ad for Electronical. ... more »
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Call them up and ask them what kind of lead time?

Added reply in a thread V Bars, why do so few manufacturers make them? 7/6/2020 4:43 AM

Nowear has em. In the US. Scroll down to Hard Parts and check out Candy Bars and Street Treats.

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Was it him or someone else who yelled it? Either way, kid's a champ for going for it. Honestly he has more skill than some of the smack talkers I see online...

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Explain why I have about 13-14 years with a stem without a SINGLE bar slip? I've had around 4-5 sets of bars on this stem. I briefly ran a couple others, came back to this one. No slips on a Profile Acoustic or Demolition front load either. Perhaps it ... more »

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Check your local track out-sometimes they have loaner bikes you can borrow or rent for a day-we did that for my son one year. I also know locally, depending on the amount of riders for your age group, you might get tossed in with people on cruisers etc. ... more »

Added reply in a thread Pinned rim seperated a little 7/2/2020 4:47 AM

You can ride it BUT you might have more flats from any flex that develops or sharp spots. As to brakes, it will chew the pads a tiny bit more. Source: I have ridden pinned seam rims that did that exact thing.

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Go 4.5 foot if you want to be able to peg stall without basically laying the bike on it's side or making it super hard to ride.

Added reply in a thread share your stories of P A I N 7/2/2020 4:44 AM

I only huck myself when I am pissed off, and it helped me learn some things. One was flyout 540s. I got em figured out cause I was angry and didn't care about getting hurt, so I BLASTED out of this weird berm thing and cranked a ton of em. Curt you are ... more »

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Contact local to that area bike shops and distributors to see if they are able/willing to donate anything. Contact BMX companies and brands as well (a local shop might have a good list of options). Then send them an email (with a flyer for the event) ... more »

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I thought I recall seeing that Aitken didn't have one on. Cranmer did, BUT the injury was more to his neck and slamming his head down. A helmet is designed to take the brunt of the impact and spread it out so it does less damage to you. They don't necessarily ... more »

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People also like progression. Scotty's videos show a ton of it. The best part is many of the tricks they show are first time pulled etc-as in they are sketchy landings, some crashes etc, but they are all clearly having a good time. It's real riding. ... more »

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Shops tend to stock what people ask for. If no one asks for Subrosa, you won't find them as easily.

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Sometimes the serial number (which is on the BB ) can give a clue as well. Post up some more close up photos of ANYTHING and it might help.

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All he does is troll and claim he cannot afford to go anywhere (among other BS stuff). When called out on his lies, he doubles down. Not worth it. But you are right. Traveling to new places can be an awesome way to open your mind.

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I've got one as a stop and one as a guide and the only thing I can think of is you got a dud cable stop or you hulked your brakes so hard that part gave before anything else (which really shows everything else is solid quality)

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I'll add that if you support local shops that carry SOME BMX stuff or can get it, and show the need in the area by getting homies to do the same, they will bring more in for the shelves too. Sometimes they just aren't aware of local riders cause of mailorder ... more »