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Ironically I pay the damn thing off this week...

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...for a new frame. Well...kinda. I bent the hell out of my Boss. Before ANYONE says "It's an Eastern, that's why it bent" know this, I have bent literally EVERY frame I have ever had, except my 04 Macniel Miron. That means I have bent: Pacific Wired ... more »

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Trails are dirt, dirt = free.

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Check craigslist, ebay and notify the police. Then, check with ALL pawns shops within about a 20 mile radius.

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Exactly my point. I am currently running the same hub as the Doubleshot, with Eastern logo instead of Nitrous. Same hub. Been riding it for 7 months now, no bends, no damage aside from a few scratches, never trued it. A kid bought a traildigger from ... more »

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Because they are like all the new people on here, they are trying to assert dominance among others with similar interests. Long story short, it all boils down to parents doing a shitty job keeping their kids in line. Kids run rampant when they are little, ... more »

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You guys do realize that a lot of the Eastern team run Nitrous Double shot wheels right? Kelly Bolton ran the SAME SET for over a year, and if I recall correctly, trued them once? I still don't get how you kids break all these parts that I run, and they ... more »

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Depends on the color you are aiming for. If you put a few thin coats of primer down, let them FULLY dry between each, then a thin coat or two of white (makes the color you pick POP), let them fully dry, then a few coats of the color of your choice, let ... more »

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Some have pegs some don't, it's all good.

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Do it.

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That's because they are a shop supplier. They generally do not sell direct to people. Chances are the kid who got pedals cheaper got hooked up or the shop fucked up. I can order from them through the shop I work at. Chances are about 75% of your local ... more »

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I run them and they are just fine. You must put them in wrong, or not get the sharp shit out of your wheel/tire.

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Assuming you don't need to buy new cranks because the chainrings are riveted together...

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Well I guess we all need to hate Fit now, since one snapped. FUCK FIT FUCK FIT FUCK FIT FUCK FIT. Wow, that was easier than I thought...kinda like what people did with Eastern.

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Word on the street is that it takes you to Colonial Life Insurance. Which is not for BMX. It is strictly set up for accident insurance through a different company.

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I like the super loud BANG! that scares security and makes them think it is a gun. Funny as hell.

Started new thread I know a couple dudes in this 7/22/2010 7:52 PM I figured I would post it. North Of Ten Also, go to This site to watch little devil vids. So all you kids can see one of the best videos out there, Criminal Mischief. So good.

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If it doesn't anger you since it is on the internet, then WHY ARE YOU THREATENING VIOLENCE? When it escalates down to the animal nature of violence, you are being immature. You brought up wars, but wars are not started with insults. They are started ... more »

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So when people don't understand something we are supposed to beat them until they submit? How does physical violence make sense. Try looking at animals that are beaten, they have no discipline, and do not listen to people. Same goes for people. And to ... more »