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I could see it being 100% worth it on a weekend though. Also would be worth it to go to Woodward.

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Knocking on the door of 34, haven't stopped since I started-I got serious into it in 99, but was jumping bikes and doing wheelies since I was about 6 or 7. I don't ride nearly as much as I used to, but I still get out on occasion (two kids-5 and 1) and ... more »

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Go REALLY fast. OR, just do manuals etc on the bench? That's what I would do. Learn something besides grinds on ledges.

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How long til we see her on Scotty's channel? That would be rad!

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Right! There are valid points to looking into it, but at the end of the day, most kids are WAY overthinking it. You could legit get two of the same tires, same size etc, and put them ... more »

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No idea, you would want to figure out if that is the reason for the stiff cassette driver. I've blown out the center bearing in a driver with 3 and it caused a similar issue, I've had a pawl/spring mess up before and cause drag, and I've had a bent axle ... more »

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Or if you do what DMC did back in the gravity games and land REALLY low on a 900 straight to cheekbone on your bar and bust open your face...then get up and do another 900.

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This. Could need a small spacer somewhere (as it is clearly pinching your driver bearing-I know profile uses a little one between the driver and hub bearings) or even a bad driver bearing (some drivers have 2-3 in them-check all). Could be a slightly ... more »

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Looks like a Joytech clone to me-so it will be comparable to a lot of stuff on the market.

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I've been running 28/9 for 2 years and it is AWESOME, even for short run ups. Hills always suck. But it isn't anything a person wouldn't get used to. Typically an easier ratio would be better for short run-ups-kinda like an easy gear on an MTB.

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The "S" looks like it could be Stolen Bike Co possibly? Just a guess.

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All these young kids and their negative comments... Just wait like 15 years and if you guys still ride, you will be ALL OVER buying something re-released from this era... "A 28T guarded sprocket, chain and hub with a 9t driver??? OH MAN!!! I remember ... more »

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For the record, you get the Variwall tubing with Laird, AND you get to pick all of the geometry-not just "close to what you want". The only thing he won't do is wishbone stays. All for 450 bucks, not far off what you mentioned S&M costs. With S&M, ... more »

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100-300 depending on how much is rattlecanned and if anything is damaged. Most of those parts are close to 10 years old, or older.

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Totally outed yourself on that one

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Personally, I would do a brace across every foot if you raise it at all-but I am also a fatty. BUT doing that reduces flex in the top piece of plywood, and when I have done that, it allowed thinner wood to be used. As to width, that's up to you. I would ... more »

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I don't have all the details, but the rumors shooting around are that they were buying stuff from companies on essentially credit, then selling it and not paying them back, selling stuff they could not get and not fulfilling or fixing orders for customers, ... more »

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It's a work in progress getting this area how I want it. So far I was able to get the countertop on the two sets of drawers, I have another sink vanity I will be adding to this area potentially (easy and free way to get a cabinet setup for ... more »
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This would be great, however the socket drive is something like a 24mm or so, so a typical spline drive would not be bored out big enough unfortunately. Tim actually drove the struggle bus on finding a socket drive adapter recently.

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They have a few different things, Company is based in Mexico if I recall correctly. Their peg/hubguard combo is pretty neat.