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The detangler (gyro) didn't go away in the 90s at all. Watch videos from any time up through about 2008 and tons of riders had em. Once linear straight cables came into the world, people realized they could get 2 bars/whips out of one without causing ... more »

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That's probably one of those stupid solid tubes.

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I completely agree-BUT-the work on the house is to make things better for my family to enjoy. It isn't just work/responsibilities, it is a labor of love in a way. I am making the home better, and as I complete different things it gives me a sense of ... more »

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I wouldn't trust anything Catfish says unless he is making fun of himself. You also gotta factor cost of living where Mat is. OK is pretty cheap to live in compared to so many places. Like my current house is 2400 sq feet, 4 bed 2 bath with unfinished ... more »

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Line up and if it is an old chain on a new driver, the chain is stretched and worn to match up the old wheel. It will make noise for a bit then quiet down as it adjusts to the new one.

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If your rim and hub are fine, this is an easy option to get some additional life out of them. If you can, get spokes and get them on the wheel yourself, and have the shop true the wheels (or learn how yourself). A wheel truing is usually 10-20 bucks ... more »

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I pulled the same muscle, but for me it was putting like 522 bricks down for a patio. Sucked when it happened, couldn't breathe for a minute.

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I work in Fraud Investigation for Card Disputes. You can do that. The card issuer (bank) would give you a provisional (temporary) credit while they send a chargeback to the merchant-then the merchant has time to respond and either say "Yup, refund, here ... more »

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Failing that, call a shop and ask if they can give you an idea? OR post your rim and hub and someone on here might be able to use the calculator QBP has (it's pretty spot on) or a different one shops have access to.

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Ok, question-why is the nut on the wrong end? The cable (unless super loose) would have enough tension to never fall out of that cable holder. If the nut is on the other could adjust it despite no threads-you would pull the cable toward the ... more »

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Lack of time to ride. Life is bonkers. Cherish the time you youngins have. A career, wife and kids, a puppy and a house that you are constantly working to make awesome will cause change in your riding time. Not a bad thing, but you will find yourself ... more »

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All depends on what it is, and the era it is from. The midschool stuff is starting to rise (slowly) in value because most of those riders from that era are starting to collect what they used to ride. Happens with every generation. Give it 10-20 years ... more »

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If Target owned them, you would see Hoffman Bikes at Target. Kinda like when GT was bought by Pacific Cycles back in the early 00s and you would find the EXACT same GT bike at Walmart and shops, but it was a LOT cheaper in Walmart. GT was found where ... more »

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They sold out. But I agree. More footage of Seth Kimbrough and Morgan shredding would sell more bikes.

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No, because they were pretty good on the bike. But the point being is that a race bike CAN handle trails, especially an alloy frame with a chromoly fork. Is it the best tool for the job? No. But they handle it pretty well if you are moderately smooth. ... more »

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No experience with that setup directly, BUT: If your axle is spinning in the hub while it is on the bike, then it could be too loose so the axle is not actually being clamped down. Are you running pegs? Make sure the bolts are not bottoming out in the ... more »

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Comfort is relative, and the more comfortable you are, the better your handling will be. As to speed, BMXers don't worry as much about sustained speed aside from when BOOSTING a bowl/trails etc. The aerodynamics aspect is not as concerning in BMX due ... more »

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I still think style is harder to see on street. Some dudes huck it, some dudes are weird-creative, but most of street seems to be linking a spin, a grind, a bar, a manual, a spin, a grind and/or a whip a foot off the ground these days. Don't get me wrong, ... more »

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This and it is loose.