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Sadly, nothing since I rode a free park for 10 minutes a couple weeks back. These days riding gets pretty rare. Hoping to ramp it up in spring. I am absolutely LOSING my mind doing nothing but working and coming home to do work at home.

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I've seen people who invest in chainrings, chains AND cogs and change them out based on the tracks they are as some tracks will be best for an easier gearing (acceleration), and some best for harder gearing (top speed).

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I mix grease and wet chain lube. Thins out the grease to minimize sticking, thickens up the chain lube to prevent it from running out of the hub.

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I like that you think I'm mad. I just love posting that truck because it's awesome.

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No it isn't that important to throw a certain way. You just gotta try em. Flyouts are a fairly easy way to learn em. Pop out, move your legs back to "pinch the seat/cranks", throw, catch, land.

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This. Personally what I would do is kinda piece things together some, THEN pick the songs. I also was able to find music that fit the personality of the riders some when I did an edit of our locals like 9 years ago: 2010 Edit Team Taco from Dave Lawrence on Vimeo ... more »

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Dark colors will accent better-like a dark blue, dark pine green, black etc. Or leave it raw.

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The last comment was over 8 years ago.

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This was in a ONE car garage that we rented at an apartment back in 09. It was tight and hard to ride. Then my buddy snapped his ankle and we all kinda stopped riding it. (I saw it happen so I was really put off on riding it) As to your setup, ... more »
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Yo, you work in a shop, call Fit up and have them tell you EXACTLY without a doubt what it is.

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You could also do this if you have a lever with a cable slot:

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Mine did that if I didn't wash my sweat out of em. Toss em in with some dirty pants etc and they will soften up some.

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ONLY works on frames with press in headset cups. *MOST* modern frames come with integrated headsets, and that kid unfortunately will not work as there is no cup to hold the bottom plate piece down.

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That dude is making an issue out of something in the future. I wonder how long until he has a video titled "How to remove a stuck crank bolt"

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This. And likely a new fork.

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Practice and sometimes you gotta put that trick on the back burner and do something else for a bit. Story time! That's how whips finally worked for me. Spent 6 years trying TONS every session, to not land it. One day I was messing around at the park ... more »

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I hear ya on that one. While I love to support brands that are in it for BMX, I have a hard time paying 3-4 times more for something of the same quality as a non-bmx brand. Same reason I get my pants at Walmart or Target-they are like 12 bucks, and seem ... more »

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This. I will also add detail that you would want a spot that is ideally wooded all the way around, and far enough from any nearby roads that sound will not easily travel out to them. You WILL want to park any car(s) a ways away to avoid suspicion. If ... more »

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Can confirm, I have these with my M2 lever. It was the M2 Monolever that CAME with the upper cable setup that I had purchased back in the day. Rad that you can get em separate.

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I was the only guy for a bit, got a friend into it, and within about 3 years we had something like 20-30 guys riding. We got a skatepark at a church, then another free one in our town and suddenly there were like 100 skaters and like 50 BMXers, a few ... more »