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The one track I rode and raced on was smoother than any set of trails I had ever been on as long as you either rolled em or cleared em. Anything will be harsh outside of that. They didn't really have much for carbon frames before the mid-late 00's though-Redline ... more »

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At that time, around 12-13 years of riding, some skateboarding, and just overall not being smart about pain. I'm sure slouching in chairs etc didn't help either. If it hurt, I just kept going. I learned that you can't just do that as you get older.

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Try the spacers on the other side. I had an issue with my Twombolts that was similar (not socket drive, but had wiggle I couldn't get rid of initially), and it helped putting spacers on the non-drive side as it forced the wedge cluster in better.

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I could see frames (they already dominate in the race world as well as a LOT of MTB stuff, and CX). The frames can have carbon laid up in ways to add strength in spots that need it and have less where you don't SO MUCH BETTER than metal. Forks would ... more »

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If you can find a smaller business locally, you can save some cash. Local guy to me charged 100 for a frame fork bars and cranks including sandblasting. He and his dad owned a small business though, so that's why.

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It also depends on HOW you ride. Folks who are smooth can run it for a long time. Folks who are not may have more issues. I could see Ti becoming huge, same with Carbon for certain aspects. Trails/no pegs riding, carbon would be a solid option if built/layed ... more »

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Why not build your own frame fork and bars and make sure the whole setup clears 50 lbs? That one guy Derrick something did that. He was on a self-built bike on a mega tour or road fools and it was over 50 lbs and he could hop it bar height. It was nuts. ... more »

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While there is some merit to your statement that a lot of people are fine with their setup as-is, try it. You WILL notice a difference in how your body handles it. Might be good, might not because everyone is different, but there will be a very noticeable ... more »

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Then it sounds like something that should not be put into production and the one or two people who "need" this should figure it out on their own. Why not design a hub that has the ability to swap between a coaster and cassette with a small lever/switch ... more »

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Bet you got that idea from a Surly Pugsley fatbike. Seems like you are trying to fix a problem that doesn't exist. You legit could get the Ezra/Salt coaster/Cassette hub and then you swap a part in your hub and that's it. Then you don't have a rear wheel ... more »

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Kickout if you kicked the back end over, turn bar if you turned the bars. If you are toying with Turndowns/lookbacks, you should go toward your back foot to give yourself more room.

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I have had ZERO issues with my Gsport Roloway hub-and I laced it to a 2nd hand Demolition Zero rim I have had for several years. Here is a linkIf you gotta match, they have a cassette too.

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Yep-Sent a Specialized Dolce road bike from MN to NC a few years back-UPS by itself was around 75/80 bucks, bike flights was like 45 and shipped via UPS. Went via Bikeflights. Worked great. The recipient was a bit of a jerk though-they tried to mark ... more »

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No because I could pinch the seat with my knees and wore/wear kneepads and shin guards whenever I get rowdy on a BMX.

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I've helped people ship frames via like UPS, it was around 20 bucks, but that was also a decade ago. You could look into they use ups or fedex, but get deals based on the volume of bikes etc shipped. Sent a Specialized Dolce road bike from MN ... more »

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I am disappointed with how unappreciated this comment was. Fantastic.

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My stem is from around 2006-bars have never slipped. Been through like 6 sets of bars that I changed out because I wanted to/for taller etc. Sand out any paint etc from the clamping area and CAREFULLY, using a box cutter, etch grooves that run side to ... more »

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Dry pavement ideally, I avoid puddles etc. BUT I will rip through damp pavement if I am already out-just tend to be more careful.

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Work hard, learn 540s and bar to disaster, then act like you can't until he 1 ups you, then WRECK him. I've done that in the past. Good times.

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I didn't...but now I might. Downside is all the little kids wanting free food/beverages. Call me whatever, but I don't want to feed someone's kids if I don't know them.