About Me

Get locked off of Absinth, ride now and then, and travel. Check out more adventures at www.teamyoungbmx.com

I don't have one favorite type of riding, I go through phases of different things otherwise I'd have gotten bored of this shit long ago.

I don't really have one favorite spot but I can list some spots that have been tons of fun and I've been stoked on things I've pulled there:

-5 Hips Ditch in Austin Texas

-Roller Ditch in Dublin Ireland

-Library Rails in Ann Arbor Michigan

-Hip Bowl in Woodward PA

-Trails in San Antonio Texas

-All the trails I've ridden in Michigan

-My backyard ramp

A trick that haunts me is turndowns, I've only done a few and those were luck. I think that's probably the coolest things to do on your bike if done right.

My dream spot is sets of trails that never get plowed with a bbq, fridge, keger-a-tor, stripper pole, room for parking, a quarry to jump into, and all of my friends near and far rockin' out.

Favorite riders I actually ride with are (this is very limited):

-Everyone on Team Young is amazing

-Corey Martin

-Ricky Violet

-Chris Khunick

Favorite riders from videos and magazines (again limited):

-Keith Terra

-The Maniac

-Jamie Bestwick

Favorite video right now is the un-edited Team Young footage you can play Iggy Pop to and it is entertaining as shit, (I hope we get that thing done some day).

Favorite videos to watch now would be The Empire video, Building the Underground, Off the Map, and of all time would be either RF 1, or Ride Thunder.

When I’m not riding, I like to chill with my friends from the Mitten, party, go to shows, party, play with my dog, eat good food, party, and travel, travel, travel.

Bands I’m into (off the top of my head):

-Detachment Kit


-Republic of Loose

-Andrew W.K.

-The Sounds

I have no idea what girls are thinking, they're all evil. But generally I'd have to guess that they think I'm fun to get loose with.

My parents think BMX is a great community.

If I could change one thing about BMX it would be the lack of fun people get from it, not just the riding but the lifestyle is so good and most don't realize it.

I've slowed down on shooting photo's due to the over abundance of the paparazzi in Michigan now. I'll shoot video when we need to like anyone else.

I learn new tricks from getting pumped from other people learning their stuff. Alot of the time it's luck and something will just be given to me. Riding with friends is the best way I think to progress.

I keep doing my old stuff because it's either all I got, to remember my roots, or because some jerk doesn't think it's cool.

I hope that one day lots of people will come together in celebration of our lifestyle through a weekend of partying, bands, sweet contest, and everything else thrown in the mix. That day is actually SEPT 22, 2007. MidWest Fest will be the biggest thing yet. Check the Events section on the Team Young site for the flier.