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I would go into a local grocery store and read bmx plus before going riding.

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You're right, I don't ride. Enjoy your bigger clamping area where your bars don't slip and I'll enjoy my smaller clamping area where my bars don't slip, as well.

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*too This thread says otherwise.

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I'm 36 and have been riding most of my life. I ride every week. Bars haven't slipped since mid-school era. Again. maybe you're just weak, ride shit parts or suck. My smaller clamping area bs does give those results. You still haven't explained how they're ... more »

Reply to So who all rides pegless? And questions for those that do.... 3/6/2020 10:52 AM

Grinding is fun.

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Only if it comes with a free Mongoose Sniper. A Pro model, none of that non-Pro model bullshit.

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Oh, I understand the theory. But if nobodies bars are slipping, how does it make them better since that was the word he used. From being a mid-school rider and already having gone through the bigger and beefier era, I just don't see the point if nobody ... more »

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How is it better?

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My bars never slip. Maybe you're just weak or ride shit parts.

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Please don't give me a thumbs down because your idea is dumb

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It would be faster to walk to my car and pull out my cassette wheel and swap it out without having to remove my front wheel... Oh shit, there's a second page

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You'll get used to it. I went from 13.5" to 12.8". Took a few sessions to re-balance everything but I love it now. But also from a 20.5" tt to a 20.8" tt and a 75 ht to a 75.5 ht. You'll be fine after a few rides.

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He doesn't ride anymore. Boo and hiss him until he feels bad!

Reply to BBQs and shade canopy’s at skateparks 2/27/2020 1:16 PM

You had me at Weber charcoal.

While I've never grilled at a skatepark, I do so in my backyard. Nothing beats charcoal grilled food. Sounds like a great idea if you plan on spending a whole day there. A small portable charcoal ... more »
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I'm on the hype train. Just bought a pair of F-25's from Odyssey site. $90 scratch and dent section. Evo 2.5 brake kit and a new front wheel because I have an Animal Steamroller brakeless rim in front. Can't wait to mess with them!

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They just lost Broc so...give it time.

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